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Turboprint Hot

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License:  Commercial
Year:  2005
English French German
Harddrive Installable
A600 (ECS) A1200 (AGA) RTG
Additional Hardware Requirements
Chip Ram:  1MB
Minimum CPU:  68000
Compatible Kickstart:  2 3.0 3.1
Minimum Operating System:  Workbench 2
Additional Special Requirements
At least 1MB ram required.
Software Developer's Credits
Publisher:  ZEDOnet
Developer:  IrseeSoft
Software Website:
Software Notes and Information

TurboPrint was designed to overcome the printing limitations dictated by the Amiga's operating system and to use the capabilities of your printer to their full extent. Although the Amiga as a graphics computer is capable of producing and displaying brilliant, colourful and attractive graphics, its printer interface often leaves much to be desired when it comes to graphics printing. With TurboPrint, the graphics output will match the quality of your screen display, as it features special graphics algorithms normally only used for high-end production in the professional printing industry.

TurboPrint is currently the only printer driver system for the Amiga which will allow you to print graphics in all 16 million colours available through the AGA graphics chip set via the normal Workbench printer interface. Only Turbo Print offers a complete replacement of the printer.device, removing the limitation of 4096 colours or 16 grey scales, respectively. With TurboPrint's Graphics Print Manager you don't need the AGA graphics chip set or a third party display board to print 24 bit-graphics in photographic quality.

Turboprint includes a Print Spooler so you can queue up your printing, utilising the Amiga's multitasking, so it can continue printing while you get on with something else.

Turboprint has been developed for many years on the Amiga, so later versions support many makes and models of Printer.  The latest known version released was version Turboprint Professional v7.60 in 2005.

To read more about Turboprint direct visit the What is Turboprint? page at the official irseesoft website.

And for a full list of te printers Turboprint supports take a look here .

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