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WHDLoad packages - 01.09.2008
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008
WHDLoad makes it possible to install quite a lot demos and games, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

Latest packages:

* 31.08.2008 new: The Moochies (Breadline) done by Bored Seal (Info)
* 31.08.2008 new: Bruno's MusicBox 2 (Gate) done by StingRay (Info,Image)
* 31.08.2008 new: Bruno's MusicBox 3 (Anarchy) done by StingRay (Info,Image)
* 31.08.2008 new: 20000 Leagues under the Sea (Infogrames/Coktel Vision) done by Puppe (Info)
* 31.08.2008 improved: Damage (Suomi-Peli) trainer added, CDģē joypad support added (Info)
* 29.08.2008 new: Sonical Fantasia (Equinox) done by StingRay (Info,Image)
* 28.08.2008 new: Book of Songs (Complex) done by StingRay (Info)
* 28.08.2008 new: Metal Melissa the Pisser (Animators) done by StingRay (Info)
* 25.08.2008 new: Alien Drug Lords: The Chyropian Connection (Panther Games) done by Psygore (Info)
* 25.08.2008 improved: Melodies (Scoopex) taglist fixed for whd16+, added 68000 quitkey (Info,Image)
* 24.08.2008 improved: The Kristal / Kristal, The (Addictive) access fault fixed, blitwaits inserted, new install script (Info)
* 24.08.2008 new: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Imageworks) done by Galahad (Info)
* 24.08.2008 updated: Software (W.F.M.H.) taglist fixed, reduced chipram requirement, 68000 quitkey added (Info,Image)
* 23.08.2008 new: Dawn Patrol (Rowan Software Ltd.) done by Psygore (Info)
* 18.08.2008 improved: Colossus Chess X (CDS) dbf loops fixed, no more errors with file (Info)
* 18.08.2008 new: Super-Twintris (Big Brother Copy) done by Musashi5150 (Info)
* 18.08.2008 updated: Academy: Tau Ceti II (CRL Group/ComTek) mouse cursor enabled, savegame is saved properly now with separated shipdata, new keyboard handler, less memory requirements (Info)
* 13.08.2008 new: Hunt for Red October (Oxford Digital Enterprises) done by Psygore (Info)
* 13.08.2008 improved: Ghost Battle (Thalion) debugged in snoop mode, decruncher moved into FastRAM, added blitter waits and button wait, highscore is saved (Info)
* 13.08.2008 improved: Fire Force (ICE) more trainer options, another delay added, saved rooster loads at startup (Info)
* 11.08.2008 improved: Miami Chase (Code Masters/Team 17) highscores are saved, trainer added, keyboard fixed, button wait added (Info)
* 11.08.2008 fixed: Deep Space (Psygnosis) buttonwait routine corrected (Info)
* 07.08.2008 new: Warlock's Quest (ERE/Infogrames) done by John Girvin (Info)
* 06.08.2008 new: Miracle Sounds 1 (Miracle) done by Dr Cinicus (Info,Image)
* 04.08.2008 improved: Sharkeys Moll (Zeppelin Games) copylock fix improved, keyboard routine fixed (Info,Image)
* 04.08.2008 improved: Hunt for Red October (Grandslam) slave works with any version now (Info)
* 04.08.2008 improved: Campaign 2 (Empire) recompiled with latest KickEmu, version detection improved (Info)
* 04.08.2008 improved: Campaign (Empire) no more load/save limits (Info)
* 04.08.2008 updated: Blob (Core Design) copylock fix improved (Info)
* 03.08.2008 new: Mad Show (Silmarils) done by Psygore (Info)

Homepage can be found here.
Cannon Fodder New Campaign
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Wednesday, 27 August 2008
72 new maps for Cannon Fodder have been released. To play the maps you also need a Cannon Fodder WHDLoad install and XFDMaster, gpatch, and the Commodore-Installer.

click banner for homepage
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 27 August 2008 )
WinUAE 1.5.1
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Monday, 18 August 2008

WinUAE 1.5.1

WinUAE 1.5.1 release from 12th August 2008.

New features/Improvements

- Added support for Direct3D pixel shader filters (very fast compared
to software filters, pixel shader 2.0+ compatible display card
required), plain Direct3D filter performance improved.
Latest (August 2008 or later) DirectX required.
- In windowed mode all resolution or chipset/RTG mode switches
resize the window instead of window closing and opening.
- Aspect ratio setting added to RTG and filter panels.
- Window resize enabled in windowed mode (chipset mode).
- Added Picasso96 option "Always scale in windowed mode" which enables
window resizing and disables automatic resize. Keeps aspect ratio
- Only reset fullscreen mode when resolution or depth changes.
- On the fly USB mouse/joystick insert/removal does not modify
currently selected input device(s) in Ports-panel.
- Enable ini-mode (registry replacement) if .ini
(without .exe) is found. Previously always used winuae.ini.

And more. Originally 1.5.1 was planned to be "1.5.0 bug fix" update only...

Major 1.5.0 bugs fixed

- Failed to start with some display card/driver combinations.
- Regular (non-RDB) OFS formatted hardfiles didnīt mount under KS 1.3.
- Memory corruption in configuration file handling causing random
crashes when loading or saving configuration files.
- Configuration files in subdirectories didnīt load if configuration
cache was enabled.
- RTG hardware mouse cursor may have been invisible (or had
wrong graphics) in some cases after resolution change.
- Switching between non-interlaced and interlaced modes caused random
"scanline" graphics corruption.

Other bug fixes

- Built-in HRTMon crashed in JIT modes.
- Interlace modes fixed in "normal" (non-doubled/scanline) modes.
- Fixed borderblank graphics corruption in interlaced modes.
- Fixed possible crashes when switching Windows desktop resolution or
when using quick user switching.
- "Kickstart Replacement" fixed.
- PCMCIA SRAM emulation didnīt work in memory expansion mode.
- Emulation paused if "stop sound while inactive/minimzed" was enabled.
- Improved directory filesystem statefile support.
- AVI recording crash if only audio recording was enabled.
- Native DLL support fixed.
- Forced fullscreen refresh rates didnīt work in some cases.
- Multiple identical (same serial number) USB game controllers do not
confuse input system anymore.
- Major blitter slowdown in some AGA modes.
- ADF was not updated if disk write was aborted (Cadaver save disk)
- Crash when USB mouse/joystick was removed or inserted before
emulation was started.
Retro Computer Museum Open Day!
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Amiga news
Written by Harrison   
Monday, 11 August 2008
Retro Computer Museum


OPEN DAY (One Day Only!)

Sunday 16th November 2008

What is the Retro Computer Museum?

The Retro Computer Museum is a new project launched in the UK by Andy Spencer. The project is to create a retro computer and console museum in the UK based in Leicestershire.

The idea behind the museum is to archives the history of computer and console video gaming through the use of real working machines, allowing visitors to the museum a hands on experience, so they can play and interact with the games and real machines throughout the history of computing.

Where is the project at so far?

The Retro Computer Museum is still being developed. At the moment the machines to be displayed and used in the final museum are still being collected. Already over 50 working computers and consoles are in the museum's collection ready to be included. Many of these were kindly donated to to the project for inclusion, and if anyone else has some retro computers or consoles they wish to donate for inclusion at the museum please contact Andy at the email address below for further details.

Open Day.

An open day is being held on Sunday 16th November 2008 to see how popular the idea of this museum is going to be. If you live near to Leicestershire please come along to show your support and also to chat with the people behind the project and to share your thoughts and ideas about it.

The Open day is being held at the Swannington Village Hall, near to Coalville in Leicestershire in the UK (directions to be added).

There will be around 20 working systems at the open day including Sinclair Spectrums, Commodore 64s and Amigas, Amstrad CPC464, Sega consoles, Nintendo consoles, and some others to play on!


A website for the museum is already up and running at
http:// Please visit to see more of the project and what it is trying to achieve. The website already has extensive information about the machines already collected together for inclusion, and also contains a forum where you can post your support or offer ideas and suggestions.


If you would like any further information please contact andy via the website, or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Classicamiga would like to wish Andy luck with this project. We hope that the open day attracts a lot of vistors who will enjoy the event and also share their ideas and thoughts about the project.
Last Updated ( Monday, 11 August 2008 )
WHDLoad packages - 01.08.2008
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Friday, 01 August 2008
WHDLoad makes it possible to install quite a lot demos and games, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

Latest packages:

# 30.07.2008 updated: Odyssey (Audiogenic) small enhancement for copylock protection (Info)
# 30.07.2008 fixed: Espaņa The Games '92 (Ocean/Creative Materials) track race works now (Info)
# 30.07.2008 improved: Deep Space (Psygnosis) whd10 infos added, buttonwait improved, bplcon0 fixed (Info)
# 29.07.2008 new: Ecliptica (TRSI) done by Psygore (Info,Image)
# 20.07.2008 new: Top Karaoke 3 - Capitaine Flam (Saturne) done by Psygore (Info,Image)
# 17.07.2008 improved: Steel (Hewson) supports another version, smc fixed, trainer, icons and docs added (Info)
# 14.07.2008 new: Sub Battle Simulator (Epyx) done by Psygore (Info)

Homepage can be found here.
Showtime 18 - Votes Needed!
(3 votes)
Latest from the Demo Scene
Written by PG   
Saturday, 19 July 2008
Showtime 18 - Votes Needed!

Some of you might remember Showtime, a diskmagazine that used to be released by groups like Ram Jam and Darkage. After years of silence, the magazine is now brought back by none other than Scoopex.

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