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WHDLoad packages July 2009
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Thursday, 06 August 2009
WHDLoad makes it possible to install quite a lot demos and games, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

Latest packages:

# 29.07.2009 new: Premier Manager II (Gremlin) done by Psygore
# 24.07.2009 new: Premier Manager (Gremlin) done by Psygore
# 24.07.2009 improved: The Lost Vikings (Interplay) slave recoded, supports french, german, cracked and demo versions, misc fixes
# 19.07.2009 new: 1869 (Max Design) done by Psygore
# 15.07.2009 improved: Turrican 2 (Factor 5/Rainbow Arts) 2nd fire button handling fixed
# 15.07.2009 improved: RoboCop (Ocean) supports another version, hiscores will be saved, trainer and icons added, manual and hints included
# 06.07.2009 improved: Mean Machine (Code Masters/Optimus Software) trainer and blitter waits added

Homepage can be found here.
WHDLoad packages June 2009
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Thursday, 06 August 2009
WHDLoad makes it possible to install quite a lot demos and games, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

Latest packages:

# 25.06.2009 improved: Last Action Hero (Psygnosis) blitter waits improved, ingame cheat added, cache enabled, freezing bug removed
# 23.06.2009 improved: Rick Dangerous 2 (Core Design) coverdisk supported, cheat keys added
# 23.06.2009 improved: Edd the Duck 2 (Zeppelin Games) access fault fixed, trainer improved, in-game keys added, copylock cracked
# 21.06.2009 improved: Return of the Jedi (Domark) supports another version
# 16.06.2009 improved: Rick Dangerous 2 (Core Design) supports another version, copylock removed correctly
# 16.06.2009 improved: Turrican 2 (Factor 5/Rainbow Arts) 2nd fire button now also works with alien joypads
# 10.06.2009 improved: Pools Of Darkness (SSI) german version 1.1 supported
# 09.06.2009 improved: Flink CD≥≤ (Psygnosis) option to force joystick mode added
# 03.06.2009 fixed: Fire and Brimstone (Microprose) disk image fixed, slave rewritten, new install script and icons, 2nd button supported

Homepage can be found here.
Amiga Future Issue 79 is out now
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Amiga news
Written by Andreas Magerl   
Friday, 03 July 2009
Amiga Future Issue 79 Cover
Amiga Future issue 79

(July/August 2009) is out now!

This means that all subscriptions, preorders and dealer supplies have now been shipped.

In issue 79 you'll find reviews of AmigaOS 4 on SAMflex and Pegasos, Igition, iMica, Digital Universe, Powermanga and many more.

Release Date:
5. July 2009 planned - 2. July 2009 released

AmigaOS 4 on Pegasos, AmigaOS 4 on SAMflex, iMica, BOH, Powermanga, Netherworld, ZXLive, Filer, Digital Universe, Amiycygnix Programs, OS4 Depot Developer, Ignition, C64 Forever.

Amiga Retrospektive Part 13

Rair Report Amiga Meeting Wien, Interview BOH, Interview Patrick Nevian, Interview Edgar M. Vigdal, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, The herald of Tamar, Solution Goblins 3 Part 2, Imprint, CoverCD content, Letters to the editor, Preview.

CoverCD contents:
On the cover CD you'll find the full version of Wasted Dreams besides lots of other full versions and PD software.

Acuario, AmySequencer, MacBurgher, PhonePaint, StefaMariPaint, TilesSlide, WoodenBars and Wasted Dreams as CD-ISO-Image.

Public Domain:
A71Mail-CSS, A71Mail, alba, AmigaChipkartenleser, Autokaufvergleich, CD-dot-dot-v1.0, Charset-AmIPlug, clockita, codesets-68000, GetProxys, getvideo, KME-UPD, Koules, Mattonite, NetPrinter, netsurf, nowined, nowinedsrc, OpenURL-7.5, OWB, pciparallel.device, Rachunki_VAT, relics1, relics1_5, relics2, reminiscence-i386-aros, Saga-locale, Saga, Shanghai-AmIPlug, SMRMag2Theme, splashlauncher, srec, StartBar-ITA, tcpprefs.i386-aros, Text-AmIPlug, TuiTED, UnixDirsII, Wallchop-AmIPlug, WebWorld_Ext, winbar-docky, xmlviewer, xvidcore_lib, ...

A more detailed description of the content can be found at:

The Amiga Future is available as an English and German print magazine directly at the editorial office and some Amiga dealers like APC&TCP, Alinea, AmigaKit, ASB, GGS Data, Voxel, Samuli and Vesalia. Of course we look for any other dealers wanting to offer the Amiga Future.

The Amiga Future is available as a single issue and subscription each with or without a cover CD.

Example pages
Amiga Future Issue 79 - Page 38

Amiga Future Needs Help
Currently we look for translators for the magazine. Your native language should be German or English and you should be able to read and write them very well.

Interested? Then please contact us via email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Friday, 03 July 2009 )
Moonstone Tavern at Classicamiga
(5 votes)
Latest site news
Written by Rob   
Friday, 03 July 2009

The Moonstone Tavern website has now found a new home on the network.

A huge thanks to Classicamiga for kindly hosting The Moonstone Tavern, my little slice of the Web dedicated to the gory 1991 Amiga cult classic Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight.

The site has been going since 2002 (time flies!), and has blossomed from a clutch of screen grabs into the definitive repository for everything Moonstone. Surf around and you’ll find an extensive bestiary, battle tactics, ROMs, music, movies and tons of gory screenshots that will no doubt bring those nostalgic memories flooding back...

So why not treat yourself to a flagon of frothing ale (on the house, naturally!), plonk your feet up and reminisce with me as I take you for a sojourn through Mindscape's magnificent and charnel-splattered world of knights, monsters and valiant derring-do. I hope you have as much more exploring the site as I had making it!

All the best,


Last Updated ( Friday, 03 July 2009 )
Commodore Vegas Expo v5.0
(1 vote)
Amiga news
Written by Harrison   
Thursday, 18 June 2009
The Commodore Vegas Expo v5.0 is being held on July 25-26 at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas next month.

Joining this years Expo will be CBM Engineers Bil Herd, Dave Haynie & Chuck Peddle who will be invited to a Q&A session from the audience. Robert Bernardo, one of the organisers, has also asked for questions from the forums to put to the guys.

Bil Herd - Principal Engineer on Plus/4, C16 & C128 and others
Davie Haynie - Engineer on Plus/4 C16 - Principle Engineer on the Amiga 2000
Chuck Peddle - Commodore Engineer - Designer of the 650x series Micro processor used in the Apple II, VIC-20, NES, the Atari 8-bit computers and the BBC Micro to name a few.

If anybody has anything they would like to ask, please feel free to reply to the thread or otherwise drop me a PM and I will ensure they are forwarded to Robert.

Transcripts/Video/Audio files will be available after the event. For more information go to the official site here.
WinUAE 1.6.1
(3 votes)
Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Thursday, 18 June 2009
After only some betas, here is again a full release.†

1.6.0 bug fixes

- ASPI uaescsi.device emulation crash.
- Directory harddrive Windows illegal character handling fixed.
- Magic mouse fixed.
- Loading configuration file from command line with GUI enabled didn't
† override Quickstart configuration if Quickstart mode was enabled.
- Gzip decompression fixed.
- Few remaining unicode conversion issues fixed.

Other bug fixes

- Warp mode in fullscreen mode was not much faster in some situations.
- Direct3D scanlines work correctly again.
- Bsdsocket emulation crash when closing socket in some situations.
- Vsync with "unmatched" refresh rates was not adjusted correctly.

New features

- Added disk image and configuration file icons, file extension
† association improved.
- Added button/key toggle mode to Input panel.
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