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WinUAE 2.1.0 Preview
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Tuesday, 23 February 2010
Preview of the upcoming WinUAE release.

Major 2.0.1 bugs fixed

- Sprite bug fixed. (Super Stardust level selector)
- Directory filesystem mount errors if ISO-8859-15 character set was not installed in Windows

Other changes

- Random Direct3D filter graphics crap fixed
- Direct3D fullscreen ALT-TAB fixes
- More than 8 virtual or real CD drives crash fix
- Rare dualplayfield buffer corruption. (Shadow Fighter AGA)
- CD32 pad emulation compatibility update. (Roadkill CD32)
- Some game controller device types were ignored

New features

- CDTV/CD32 CD image support, including audio tracks, plain iso
- cue + bin, cue + bin + wav and cue + bin + mp3 supported
- Direct 3D rewrite, shader based, overlays and RTG supported
- DF3: on screen led shows internal (NV)RAM accesses (CDTV and CD32)
- Input panel Caps and Scroll Lock full remapping support
- A1000 Agnus vblank bug emulated
- Fullscreen dialogs have separate size and position settings (Vista/7), center dialogs in fullscreen (XP)


- More compatible CDTV/CD32 CD audio support using direct digital audio extraction. Sound panel volume adjusts also CD audio volume
- 68000 cycle-exact mode cycle counting updates
- OCS Denise "bug" emulation fully implemented
- Autoscale display size detection improvements
- Support DMS files that have fake complete track zero. (BBS ads)
Amiga Future Issue 82 is out now
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Amiga news
Written by Andreas Magerl   
Friday, 12 February 2010
Amiga Future Issue 82 Cover
Amiga Future issue 82

(Jan/Feb 2010) is out now!

This means that all subscriptions, preorders and dealer supplies have now been shipped.

In issue 82 you'll find reviews about Amiga OS 4 Update 1, Maniac Mansion - Day for the Tentacle, Space Shooter, Bordo, SimuTrans, The Mana World, Open TTD, Reminiscence.

Release Date:
5 - 15. January 2010 planned - 8. January released.

AmigaOS 4 Update 1, Maniac Mansion - Day for the Tentacle, Space Shooter, Bordo, SimuTrans, The Mana World, Open TTD, Reminiscence.

AresOne, CDTV.

Cairo part 2.

Law case Amiga Inc - Hyperion, AROS News, Sinclair QL, SQL, Amiga Retrospective part 16, The Girlfriend in the Office.

Interview Markus Weiß, Interview Carlos Peris, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2date, The herald of Tamar, Cheats, walk-trough Discworld, Imürint, CoverCD contet, Letters to the editor, Preview.

Scavenger 1, Scavenger 2, Maddog, Quasar Wars, Jelly o Chelly, Shroom, Gammon, Sneech, Piles o Tiles, Peg it Classic, 6th Sense, Samplitude, Dead Metal, TrackerHero, unveröffentlichtes Bonus-Material von Bernhard Aichinger und die brandneue Demoversion von Desert Racing

Public Domain:
BDaeshXPack, biniax2.i386-aros, codesets-6.9, DisLib, ed.i386-aros, edgar-0.32-morphos, frogsofwar_os4, JoinSplitter, JumpingAround, MMULib, moleinvasion_os4, MultiRen, OpenJazz-Os3, passwd, pig-m68k-amigaos, ReportPlus, sed.i386-aros, splashlauncher, UTF-8, WarpBMPdt, WarpJPEGdt, WarpPNGdt, wizznic_os4, zoomit, zunecalc, uvm.

A more detailed description of the content can be found at:

The Amiga Future is available as an English and German print magazine directly at the editorial office and some Amiga dealers like APC&TCP, Alinea, AmigaKit, ASB, GGS Data, Voxel, Samuli and Vesalia. Of course we look for any other dealers wanting to offer the Amiga Future.

The Amiga Future is available as a single issue and subscription each with or without a cover CD.

Amiga Future Needs Help
Currently we look for translators for the magazine. Your native language should be German or English and you should be able to read and write them very well.

Interested? Then please contact us via email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated ( Saturday, 13 February 2010 )
WHDLoad packages January 2010
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Monday, 01 February 2010
WHDLoad makes it possible to install quite a lot demos and games, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

Latest packages:

# 29.01.2010 improved: Football Glory (Black Legend) supports another version, no more problem with filecomments
# 21.01.2010 improved: Five-A-Side Soccer (Croteam) no more problem with filecomments
# 18.01.2010 improved: Starbirds (Sam Jordan & Dario Hardmeier) another version supported
# 17.01.2010 new: Manchester United Europe (Krisalis) done by StingRay
# 11.01.2010 new: Starbirds (Sam Jordan & Dario Hardmeier) done by Psygore
# 10.01.2010 improved: Kick Off 2: Return to Europe (Anco) support for separate tactics disks and Player Manager teams
# 10.01.2010 improved: Kick Off 2: The Final Whistle (Anco) support for Player Manager teams added
# 10.01.2010 improved: Kick Off 2 (Anco Software) support for Player Manager teams added
# 07.01.2010 new: Five-A-Side Soccer (Croteam) done by Psygore
# 03.01.2010 new: Football Glory (Black Legend) done by Psygore
# 03.01.2010 fixed: Embryo (Black Legend) typo in install package
# 03.01.2010 new: Embryo (Black Legend) done by StingRay
# 02.01.2010 new: Sim City (Infogrames) done by Galahad
# 02.01.2010 new: Player Manager 2 (Anco) done by StingRay
# 02.01.2010 new: Player Manager (Anco) done by StingRay
# 02.01.2010 new: Kick Off 3 European Challenge (Anco) done by StingRay
# 02.01.2010 fixed: Kick Off 2 (Anco Software) corrected support for Competition version

Homepage can be found here.
Last Updated ( Monday, 01 February 2010 )
WHDLoad packages December 2009
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Thursday, 07 January 2010
WHDLoad makes it possible to install quite a lot demos and games, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

Latest packages:

# 30.12.2009 new: The New Zealand Story Demo (Taito/Ocean) done by Hungry Horace
# 30.12.2009 new: John Barnes European Football (Krisalis) done by StingRay
# 30.12.2009 new: The Attack of the Green Smelly Aliens from Planet 27b/6 (Alex May) done by Hungry Horace
# 28.12.2009 new: Tubular Worlds (Dongleware) done by Psygore
# 28.12.2009 updated: Misja Harolda (MarkSoft) only readme file updated
# 28.12.2009 improved: Kick Off 2 (Anco Software) support for Competition version 1.03 added
# 28.12.2009 new: Misja Harolda (MarkSoft) done by Psygore
# 21.12.2009 new: Ingrid's Back! (Level 9) done by Psygore
# 19.12.2009 new: Lorna (Topo Soft) done by CFOU!
# 16.12.2009 improved: Thug Life (Essence) access fault removed, new install script
# 14.12.2009 improved: Civilization (Microprose) AGA german version supported, files will be depacked now
# 08.12.2009 fixed: Hook (Ocean) expmem option corrected
# 05.12.2009 improved: Hook (Ocean) reduced chip memory requirements
# 02.12.2009 new: Fighter Bomber - Advanced Missions (Activision) done by Galahad
# 02.12.2009 improved: Fighter Bomber (Activision) requires only 512K chip memory now

Homepage can be found here.
WinUAE 2.0.1
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009
This time, after only 3 betas, there's a final release again.

Major 2.0.0 bugs fixed

- Random interference in some AGA screen modes.
- Blitter onedot line drawing mode was partially broken in non cycle exact modes.

Other changes

- Screenshot and AVI recording "capture before filtering" options.
- Tar archive support added to "archive" harddrives.
- Custom chipset emulation compatibility updates. NOTE: ECS Denise
  undocumented feature is now emulated and some demos have blank
  screen if chipset configuration is set to ECS Denise/Full ECS.
- More compatible directory filesystem character set translation.
- Mouse driver (tablet) mode didn't work without magic mouse.
- Ignore unrar.dll versions that do not support unicode.
WinUAE 2.0.0
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Monday, 14 December 2009
This is the final version of WinUAE 2.0.0 after a lot of betas.

Main new features

- Huge A500 cycle exact mode compatibility improvement.
- Improved unexpanded A1200/CD32 emulation compatibility.
Approximate cycle-exact 68EC020/68020 emulation implemented, includes
emulated 68020 instruction cache, approximate prefetch emulation.
- 68040 MMU emulation (from Aranym) For example Enforcer and M68K Linux
compatibility. Not compatible with JIT.
- A2065 Zorro II hardware ethernet card emulation.

Other updates

- CD32 drive emulation compatibility improved, includes animation CD
- Old game protection dongles emulated (Leaderboard, Robocop3, etc..)
- Built-in Vista/Windows 7 WASAPI sound API support.
- Real harddrive safetycheck only complains if drive is mounted
read-write and has mounted Windows partitions.
- Full NTSC timing implemented (long/short line toggle etc..)
- "AutoVSync" mode that change native refresh rates automatically.
- Basic CPU frequency/bus multiplier configuration option added.
- Gayle IDE emulation compatibility improved.
- Single sided PC/Atari ST disk images supported.
- AVI and wave sound recording improved.
- File paths support http, https and ftp protocols.
- Automatic split DMS support.
- File dialog file type setting is stored to registry/ini.
- Display width is not anymore restricted to values divisible by eight.
- Bsdsocket emulation MSG_WAITALL implemented, CVS compatibility fix.
- Uaescsi.device TD_REMOVE implemented.
- DMA cycle debugger implemented.
- RTG screen mode on-screen leds.
- "Add PC drives at startup" does not mount drives that are also
configured as real harddrives.

Bugs fixed

- Programmed refresh (non-PAL or NTSC) rate modes had bad sound.
- Right border background color error in some programs.
- On the fly USB input device insert changed unrelated keyboard layout
- Non-DMA mode sprites work again (broke long time ago)
- 5.1 sound mode had wrong center and sub mixing ratio.
- CD32 pad default mapping green and yellow, RDW and FFW reversed.
- Uaescsi.device TD_GETGEOMETRY off by one error and no media status fixed.
- Directory filesystem ACTION_FH_FROM_LOCK notification bug fixed.
- Some types of serial ports were not detected.
- Randomly appearing single jumping black scanline finally fixed.
- Command line quote parsing was not compatible.
- Mouse didnīt capture properly in mouse driver (tablet) mode.
- Directory harddrive duplication was possible in configuration file if
path included national characters.

and much more than ever before..
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 30 December 2009 )
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