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Mikael    13 December 2009 12:54 |
I have almost forgot this great site.

I have now bookmarked it so I will be here more often now :)

vafel    11 May 2009 10:27 |
THX, good websait ;)

Avatar    03 May 2009 23:26 |
Nice design

Evstafiy    10 April 2009 11:33 |
I love this site ;)

nails    29 January 2009 17:58 |
Intresting site... Thanx! :)

Bunny    24 January 2009 15:49 |
I bought a 1000 back in '85 and fell in love with it. I just bought a 4000-40 and I'm looking for software. I love this sight.

David    04 November 2008 14:29 | USA
I have never done any Amiga Emulating, but I have had countless hours of fun using MAME, which might do some comodore stuff too(?). Regardless, after browsing all the classic games, I think I am going to try to get it running on my ubuntu box...

gary batton    22 October 2008 12:33 | east coast australia
still have a soft spot for the amiga. I enjoyed the visit, loved the site. All the best.

Squirrel*Salad    05 July 2008 11:56 | UK
Nice site! Love the amiga. Keep it alive!!

mark    14 January 2008 02:54 | Morcambe
Great site Harrison thought i'd say hello as it seems not many do 8)

Melvo    02 November 2007 19:30 | Portsmouth,England
Hello just found this site very impressive,read the history section good work.
seems a bit lonely here at the moment or is that just down to time zones? :?
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Hi there Melvo. Glad you like the site.

I see you are from Portsmouth. Not far from me as I also live in Hampshire. :)

The site tends to be quieter later in the evenings.Most tend to be online on the site and forum in the morning, and late afternoon around 4-6pm.

Busan    08 July 2007 17:07 | Indonesia
Hai, I am Busan from Indonesi. Nice to meet you.
What is Amiga? I don't really understand.
Admins Comment Admins Comment:
Hi Busan.

The Amiga is a 16-bit computer made by Commodore and first launched in 1985. It went on to become the most popular home computer in the 1980's and 1990's and was the most power video games machine at the time.

A very short explanation, but I hope it helps.


Franco Gaetan    20 May 2007 14:12 | Canada
I'm from Canada and I own an Amiga 2000 and an Amiga 2500. Have had them since new and I have lots of extra external hardware.

Leigh    13 November 2006 20:35 |
Hey this is awesome! Guestbook looks sweet!

Demon Cleaner    20 October 2006 04:33 |
Guestbook works fine, not like me, I think I'm getting the flu :?

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