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Written by Harrison   
Thursday, 07 September 2006

AmiKit 1.2.0 Full and Update packages available now.



What is it?

AmiKit is the compilation of more than 300 of the finest Amiga programs (free/shareware). To be brief, AmiKit is all you need if you want to experience a high-end Classic Amiga system (providing you own legal AmigaOS and ROM file). AmiKit contains many expansions and add-ons (more than 20.000 files are included in AmiKit!) that turn the default AmigaOS installation into a completely renewed and fresh environment. This pre-configured package is designed for immediate use.


Download AmiKit from:





The new release features the following updates:

  • AmiKit now supports Live Update feature that ensures your AmiKit is always up to date!
  • WinUAE emulation software updated to version 1.3.2
  • ADDED: AmiKit - Live Update 1.0 by Daniel īDeniilī Westerberg (right-mouse -> AmiKit -> Live Update).
  • ADDED: AmiKit - Locale AmiKit 1.0 (AmiKit:Prefs/Locale AmiKit). Program helps you to set locale, input and font settings easily.
  • ADDED: BlueMars boot picture (full AmiKit archive only).
  • ADDED: Czech translation of AmiKit documentation by Prober.
  • ADDED: Czech and Slovak fonts and locale files (LocaleCS). Use "AmiKit:Prefs/Locale AmiKit" to enable it.
  • ADDED: DOpus5 compare.module 1.2 by Leo īNudelī Davidson.
  • ADDED: DOpus5 Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support (doubleclick and right-mouse menu).
  • ADDED: DOpus5 SlctComp by Brian Scott (right-mouse -> Buttons -> Load -> YourLanguage/Compare_ButtonBank).
  • ADDED: French translation of AmiKit documentation by Eric Luczyszyn.
  • ADDED: FroGGui 0.3 by Breed (AmiKit:Utilities/FroggerNG/FroGGui/).
  • ADDED: German, French, Spanish, Polish and Czech translation of DOpus User&Lister Menu. Use "AmiKit:Prefs/Locale AmiKit" to enable it.
  • ADDED: GfxCon 1.8c by Dirk Farin (AmiKit:Tools/GfxCon).
  • ADDED: New AmiKit screen bar by Ken Lester. Use MorpheuZ, select the theme and then the screen bar.
  • ADDED: MemOptimizer 1.0 (AmiKit version) by RhoSigma, R.Heyder, DaNi. (AmiKit:C/).
  • ADDED: PBM DataType 44.5 by Gunther Nikl (required by PerfectPaint to save transparent images).
  • ADDED: playOGG 4.7 by Lorence Lombardo (AmiKit:Utilities/playOGG/).
  • ADDED: Polish ISO-AmigaPL and TrueType fonts, keymap and catalogs. Use "AmiKit:Prefs/Locale AmiKit" to enable it.
  • ADDED: Support for 1280x800 widescreen notebooks. Use "AmiKit:Prefs/ScreenMode AmiKit" to enable it.
  • ADDED: VICE 1.20 - Amiga Work In Progress version by Mathias "AmiDog" Roslund and Marco van den Heuvel. (AmiKit:Utilities/VICE/).
  • ADDED: VorbisTools 1.1.1 - 68k compilation by DMX (AmiKit:Utilities/playOGG/).
  • UPDATED: AfA_OS 3.93.2.
  • UPDATED: akPNG.datatype 45.50.
  • UPDATED: Amiga Image Storage System 3 (AISS).
  • UPDATED: AmiKit - Install Patches 1.5.
  • UPDATED: AmiKit - MorpheuZ 1.1.
  • UPDATED: AmiKit - ScreenMode AmiKit 1.1.
  • UPDATED: AmiKit - AmiKit.exe 1.2.
  • UPDATED: AmiKit - RomFind.exe 1.1.
  • UPDATED: AmiStart 0.66c.
  • UPDATED: FryingPan 0.41 (plus new skin by Ken Lester).
  • UPDATED: LimpidClock 1.17 beta.
  • UPDATED: MathLibsUAE 45.881 r10.
  • UPDATED: MCC_BetterString 11.8.
  • UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.18.
  • UPDATED: microgolded 8 SP 3.
  • UPDATED: MMKeyboard 3.22.
  • UPDATED: R 2.21.
  • UPDATED: tsgui 2.2.
  • UPDATED: UnRAR 3.60- UPDATED: WHDLoad 16.6.
  • UPDATED: WinUAEHelp file 2.04.
  • UPDATED: WookieChat 2.3.1.
  • REVERTED: ixemul.library 48.2 (seems the newer v49.17 library is bugged).
  • FIXED: ROM incompatibility with Amiga Forever 2006.


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