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Written by Demon Cleaner   
Thursday, 14 September 2006

 New windows driver for Catweasel released!

catweasel mk4
Catweasel is a universal floppy disk controller that uses unmodified PC diskdrives. The Catweasel can handle nearly any disk format, you just have to find a drive for them.
Normally, drives are just 3.5 inch and 5.25 inch drives. PC floppy drives used to be known as being able to work with PC formatted disks only, but now you can access any of the disk formats listed below.  The software is been regularly updated since 1996.
Here's the list of the supported formats. This list applies to all versions of the Catweasel! 
  • all PC-formats (180K up to 1440K)
  • Amiga DD and HD (also 5,25" formats)
  • Atari 9, 10 and 11 sektor disks
  • Macintosh 720K, 800K, 1440K (DD, GCR, HD)
  • Commodore 1541, 1571, 1581 (C64, C128 and 3,5" C-64 disks)
  • XTRA High density with 2380KByte per disk
  • Nintendo backup station 1600KB format
  • Atari 800XL (all MFM formats, FM under developement)
  • Apple IIe disks (Apple DOS 3.3 and up)
  • further 8-bit formats planned

Sophisticated error correction algorithms enable you to read otherwise unreadable disks. In other words, you have an excellent chance to read your formally unreadable floppy disks.

You can connect up to two drives to the Catweasel, and the two drives can be any combination of 3.5" and 5.25". 

"Windows 2000/Windows XP drivers for the Catweasel have gone through drastic changes since they have been taken over by a new programmer. More than 350 fixes in all four driver segments have brought the drivers to a stage where our internal betatesters did not report a problem within the last 30 days. The public beta version can now be downloaded from our support site.

Direct download:

The most obvious update is that the Kylwalda-part of the Catweasel MK4 is now utilized. It allows sharing the floppy drive between the Catweasel and the onboard floppy controller: The A: drive can be used as long as the imagetool is not running. The other updates and changes in the drivers are so extensive that they can't even be listed in the changelog file. Please make sure not to mix the different driver and tool versions!"


You can purchase the Catweasel controller from {mosbookmarks:bm=3} 




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