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Real 3D 3.5 Hot

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Real 3D 3.5


License:  Commercial
Year:  1996
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
HD Space Required:  10MB
A500 (OCS) A600 (ECS) RTG
Additional Hardware Requirements
Compatible Kickstart:  Unknown
Minimum Operating System:  Workbench 2
Software Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Realsoft Graphics
Developer:  Realsoft Graphics
Coder:  Juha MeskanenVesa Meshanen
Software Website:
Support Website:
Software Notes and Information

Version 3.5 was the last Amiga version of this 3D modeling software to be developed. 

The later versions, renamed Realsoft 3D, from version 4 in 2000, through 4.5. 5 and 6 were only released for Windows, Linux, SGI, and Mac.  With the last release, version 6, released at the end of 2007.  And Realsoft 3D is still in development for most of these other platforms.

Final Amiga version available to download for free!

The final full version of Read3D 3.5 is now available to download for free, courtesy of AmiKit, and it included the full version of Phenomena, the advanced particle animation system plugin for Real3D.  See the downloads section below.

The history

Realsoft 3D was originally conceived on the trusty old Amiga computer 15 years ago. The Meskanen brothers (now Realsoft, Finland) initially wrote Real 3D version 1.0 as a university assignment:

"Well, Juha and I bought our first Amiga in 1985, and started coding a graphics oriented program right away. Developing it further was Juha's graduating work in his engineering studies. We continued developing it purely as a hobby. Then we visited a computer exhibition and saw a demo of Sculpt 3D - we were 100% sure that we could do better (because our first prototypes already had procedural booleans and non-faceted mathematical surfaces!) So, we started systematically finishing the product prototype. It was year 1989 when it became finished enough. I jumped out from my university career and started the Realsoft company. "  - Vesa Meskanen 

It matured enormously when it hit version 2 - a huge leap forward not only from its previous version of 1.4 but for ALL 3D programs. It introduced totally amazing features - booleans, CSG primitives, b-spline curves, physically based animation simulation, morph based animation techniques and blew most of the competition out of the water with its phenomenal rendered output. It took full advantage of the multi tasking abilities of the Amiga - allowing the user to continue editing a scene on another window while it rendered !

But Real was also renoun for its complexity. For all its power it has always been critisiced for its inherently steep learning curve.

By Version 3 - The feature set kept growing exponentially. 

Screenshots, Artwork and Media

Artwork - (Boxart, Diskscans, Adverts.. etc)

Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Support Material
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