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Batman: The Movie Hot

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Batman: The Movie


License:  Commercial
Year:  1989
A500 (OCS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Ocean
Developer:  Ocean
Coder:  Mike LambJon O'BrienAlan Short
Graphics:  Dawn DrakeBill HarbisonJohn Palmer, Robert Hemphill
Musician:  Jonathan DunnMatthew Cannon
Game Notes and Information
Also known as Batman

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Batman The Movie Longplay

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Cheats and Tips

n the title screen, type "JAMMMM" for infinite lives. Now by pressing 'F10' you can skip levels.
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Member's Reviews

Editor review

Surprise! A good film to game license!

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A good Ocean game based on a film. There, I said it. And it's not a stand-up joke so stop laughing. Also, I'm not biased because it's Batman, I am even more harsh than usual when a Bat-game sucks (see my Batman Returns review). This game, released for almost every computer format at the time, was a huge success, and not only because it was based on THE-FILM-YOU-MUST-SEE of that time period (although the license raised the stakes for this 7/10 type of game). It mostly received good reviews at the time (even the Spectrum version), and is considered a classic, as one of the first good movie games. It was also fairly innovative for its time because it combined two trusted genres: the platform game and the racing game. Having seen most Ocean games based on films that came out on the micros and Amiga, I wonder if it was really done by Ocean at all.

I sound mean, but it's not my fault. They earned this disrespect with A LOT of crap games based on some movie or comic book. It's maybe the ONLY Ocean film-based game for Amiga that is any good (edit: Jurassic Park and Hook are also pretty competent, and there might be one or two more but my memory fails me). At least they got Batman right, but they are unforgivable for ruining two other exceptional action films like Terminator 2 and RoboCop.

This game's graphics are not stellar, especially compared to the best visuals of that period (e.g. Shadow of the Beast), but by the standards of 1989, certainly a lot above average. The colours are bright and nice to the eye (although maybe too bright for a film that was as dark-coloured as Batman, but it's a game after all), and the sprites average sized but well animated. I'd like to see more variety in the enemies, however, and Axis Chemicals in the game is really raided by an army of Jack Napiers. What looks much better are the racing levels, with some of the best racing gfx engine of that period. The vehicle has MANY frames of animation (it even "moves" up/down, not just left and right, how many racers did that back then?), the sides of the road aren't empty but there are buildings, the scaling is as smooth as you can get in 2D, and the colours are much closer to the look of the film compared to the platform levels. The intro screen (illustrated and not scanned) is also very nice, and the only flaws are the HILARIOUS finale static screen, and the absence of the "story screens" between the levels (that were present in the PC and ST versions).

I originally played the game on PC since I didn't have an Amiga when it came out. So, the only thing I could enjoy was the incredible beeper (it could actually get you on your nerves on the racing levels). However, on the Amiga the sound is very good with the only flaw being that it's maybe a little too upbeat and has nothing to do with the Danny Elfman score of the film (maybe due to copyright reasons, or because the coders had bad taste in music). So, a little above average just because it isn't irritating. Also, too bad you don't hear Joker's laugh, but I am maybe spoiled by the Atari arcade game that has maybe a dozen Nicholson quotes from the film.

The gameplay has simple, with responsive controls, although it can be really challenging (some would say nerve-shredding). Batman can't jump, but uses his rope to climb levels. What can be inconvenient at certain spots is that while ducking he can't shoot but he jumps down (the limitations of the one fire-button). The control of the vehicles is better (and actually better than many real racing games of that period, IMO only the stunning Lotus Turbo Challenge series tops them), but the bad thing is that the time limit on those levels is too tight, making you want to rush and so go crashing all the time. What shouldn't be included is the third level, a "mind game". It doesn't have logic, and it mostly relies on luck. Oh, you can always type JAMMMM or MAJJJJ (I can't remember which of the two is the correct one, try 'em) on the Batman/Joker title screen. The screen will turn upside down, and in the game you'll have infinite lives, and F10 is the level skipper.

The game is entertaining, yes, but not of high replay value. Retro fans that have a particular liking on Batman, might want to play the racing levels from time to time (especially Batwing, the aircraft).

This is a really nice game. Still a pretty good retro gaming experience. If you like Batman you need to have it, and even if you don't care about the film you'll quite enjoy it. Anyway, just see it because a good Ocean game based on a film is something really unique!

Review originally submitted by the classicamiga member one-second.

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