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Voodoo-X Hot

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License:  Freeware
Year:  2001
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
A600 (ECS) A1200 (AGA)
Additional Hardware Requirements
Chip Ram:  1MB
Fast Ram:  1MB
Minimum CPU:  68020
Compatible Kickstart:  3.0 3.1
Minimum Operating System:  Workbench 3.0
Additional Special Requirements
2-4MB ram recommended.
Software Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Aminet
Developer:  mechanismx
Coder:  Andrew BellDirk Stoecker (XADmaster Library)
Software Notes and Information

Voodoo-X is an MUI based front-end for Dirk Stoecker's powerful unarchiving system xadmaster.library (Shareware). Unlike other dearchiver front-ends,Voodoo-X doesn't depend on external archiver commands (such as LZX, LHA,DMS, etc.) being in the C: drawer nor does it require complicated command line setups for these commands. This is because XAD does all the hard work.

Voodoo-X allows you to quickly browse an archive's contents and view individual files (with filetypes) like pictures and documents just by double clicking your mouse. This method of browsing archives proves to be highly effective since you don't need to get your hands dirty by extracting files to temporary locations such as Ram:. Voodoo-X does all that for you.

xadmaster.library is a modular system and will support even more archiver formats in the future.

Note: Voodoo-X doesn't actually write disk based archives (like DMS, xMash, etc.) back to disk, but instead examines them to see if they are OFS or FFS formatted, if they are, it then allows you to browse through the contents of them and retrieve individual files.

Voodoo-X can also retrieve files from inside standard FFS formatted (i.e AmigaDOS) ADF files like those used with WinUAE. OFS, FFS,DirCache, International, double-density and high-density disks formats are all supported.

The following archives, disk packers and filesystems are supported:

 Ace, Ace MS-EXE, Amiga Plus Unpack, Amiga Standard FS, AmiPack, Ar, Arc, Arj, Arj MS-EXE, BZip, BZip2, CAB, CAB MS-EXE, CompDisk, Compress, Cpio, CrunchDisk, DImp, DImp SFX, DMS, DMS SFX, GZip, LhA, LhA MS-EXE, LhA SFX, LhF, LhPak SFX, LhSFX, LhWarp, LZX, Marc's DiskCruncher, Microsoft FAT FS, MSA, MXM-Simple Archive SFX, PackDev, PackDisk, PCompress PACK, RAR, RAR MS-EXE, S-Omni, S-Pack, S-Pack SFX, SanityOS FS, Savage Compressor, SDS Software SFX, Sensi disk FS, Shrink, SuperDuper3, Tar, Trackmo-DOS FS,
 WinZip MS-EXE, xDisk, xMash, XPK Archive, ZAP, Zip, Zip MS-EXE, Zoo, Zoom, Zoom 5 plus many more in the future.

 This list depends on the version of the XAD library you're using.

Current version of Voodoo-X is 1.5

Current version of XAD library is 12.1

XAD Library note.  The Library is available in 3 different conversions which are optimised and compiled for different 68K CPUs.  Please make sure you use the correct version for the CPU in your Amiga.  There are versions for 68000/10, 020/030/04 and 060 CPUs. Below is the download for the 020/030/040 version.  To obtain the other versions visit Aminet at the page

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