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Written by Harrison   
Tuesday, 07 April 2009
A cleanup of the registered members of classicamiga will be performed at the end of April.  This will mean that inactive or incomplete accounts will be removed from our systems.

All accounts that have been inactive for over 6 months will be reviewed at the end of this month and will be deleted if they fit the following conditions.
  1. An account was created on classicamiga, but was never activated using the automatic confirmation and account activation email that is sent out when registration is completed.
  2. The email address used at the time of registration no longer resolves.  We sometimes send out a global email newsletter to all members to keep everyone up to date on new events and updates on classicamiga.  When these are sent out the server collects a list of all members and related email addresses that fail to receive this email.   The reasons given for the failure of delivery will be reviewed, and if the registration email address for an account is now shown as no longer existing, then that member's account might be delete (depending on that members status and previous activity on classicamiga).
If you originally registered on classicamiga, but never activated your new account because you never received the confirmation/activation email, then please try to retreive your account so that the site can automatically send you another email to activate your account.

However please contect me if you still don't receive the email, or if you had other technical problems completing your registration. 

This is also an opportunity to ask that all members please check your membership details and make sure that your emil address and other details held on classicamiga are accurate and up to date.
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