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Written by PG   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Hello, and welcome to the sixth week of the demo list. This time we will be looking at demos made in the programming language known as AMOS. Many of you do probably have some experience with it, as it was very popular in the 90's. I've been doing some coding in AMOS since 1994-1995, and I have also released some crappy productions. I did it just for fun and to learn new things, and it could be that I will include a couple of them here.

I'm also looking forward to see the demo section online on the main Classicamiga site. I think it will be great to have that as a supplement to the games. After all, demos has been a big part of the history of the Amiga throughout the years. Not only because they are nice to look at, but they have been innovative too. Just think about all the amazingly fast and complex 3D routines you have seen in the demos presented in this weekly list. People once said that such things were IMPOSSIBLE to make on the Amiga, and that for example a game like Doom would NEVER become areality on this computer platform. Well, the demo coders proved them wrong, allready in the beginning of the 90's, and they still push the hardware to its limits. That is one of the things that I find so fantastic about the demoscene.

The effects in demos have led to games like Fears, a Doom clone released in 1995. The people behind it was also active on the demoscene, and the 3D engine they use came from this. There are probably other examples of this as well (Did I hear the game Trapped by Oxyron?), but I will not write more about it here.

Ok, I hope you will enjoy the AMOS demos, even if they are not state of the art when it comes to effects. They are funny to watch though, and it is always fun to see what people can get out of a slow high-end programming languag  such as AMOS.  Have fun, and see you next week! See you probably sooner in the forums. No doubt about that, eh?  Have fuuuun!

Demo #001 - (AMOS) "Dølle Døck" by Apathy

To begin with let us look at the title of the demo. It says "Dølle Døck" which is the name of the Norwegian comic character in a magazine called Python. Dølle is a clone of Donald Duck, but totally unlike his "brother" when it comes all sorts of things. This demo is a tribute to Dølle, and I hope you will like it. When it comes to effects, it does not have many interesting ones. When it comes to design, well, some of you may like it. I'm responsible for the awfully bad code though.  Anyway, have fun watching it. biggrin.gif


MC68000, OCS Chipset, 0.5MB Chip

Get it from:

Demo #002 - "Freedom Arms" by Void

Another of my older demos. It does not have much in the way of graphics (pixled pictures) due to the lack of them available at the time of making. However, it has a few interesting effects I think, and the music is very good.


MC68000, OCS Chipset, 2MB Chip (Run it on a standard Amiga 1200 with fast-ram. Then it will work best.)

Download it from:

Demo #003 - "Behind the Flute" by Traktor

Traktor is a Swedish democrew and released this demo in October 2000. It is programmed in AMOS, which you can not really believe when watching it. Why is that, I can hear you ask. Well, the effects are incredible to have been made in this language - and the design - awesome.  This is one of the better AMOS demos I have ever seen. Please take a look at it, and be amazed by what people can get out of AMOS!


MC68000, OCS Chipset, 0.5 MB Chip and 1 MB Fast (I think)

Suck it down from:

Demo #004 - "Baahl" by Traktor

Another demo by the AMOS magicians in Traktor. Check it out. It got the second place at the Underscore party in 2001. It has many effects, and due to it being coded in AMOS, you should have a 030-50mhz to be on the safe side. It can be a bit laggy on slower machines.


Don't know the reqs for this one, but try an Amiga 1200 with 030

Grab it from:

Demo #005 - "Bubble 2" by Specter

A little intro released at the Mekka Symposium demo party in Germany in the year 2002. Check it out, hope you will like it.


MC68000, OCS Chipset, 0.5MB Chip

Leech it here:

That was the AMOS demos I wanted to show you.  Hope you enjoyed the show, and that you will come back next week to see some more stuff. I will make a poll in the demo section, so that you can vote on what kind of "package" you want to see. Have fun, have a splendid day, and see you in the forums!

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