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Written by PG   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Hi everyone!

This week we'll be looking at demos made by The Black Lotus. This group is mostly famous for the productions that they released in the time period 1996 to 2006.

The Black Lotus have had many talented and skilled members. Some of them are now working for the game industry, but there are people left in the group that keeps up the activities.

I hope you will find the demos presented below interesting. smile.gif

Demo #001 - Darkside by The Black Lotus

This demo was first released at a Swedish demo party called Remedy in the summer of 1996. It won.

Darkside is not what people would call a typical and ordinary demo. Neither does it has a happy or a cheerful theme, as it is quite depressing to watch. With this, I do not mean that the effects and graphics are so bad that you want to cry. Quite the opposite! The demo has many nice pieces of programming, a good atmospheric tune roaming in the background, and also some nice graphics.

This is a chance to see The Black Lotus from another perspective, because before they made Darkside, most of their demos had a happy mood over it. Remember Tint from The Gathering party? That is an example of this.


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip & 2MB Fast

Get it from:

Demo #002 - Goa by The Black Lotus

Goa got the third place in the demo competition at the Assembly 1996 party. The competition was hard that year, with groups like Virtual Dreams, Scoopex and Mystic participating.

As for the demo itself it contains a bunch of smooth and welldone effects. The palette they use is extremely nice in my opinion. The background music is good too. It might be that you react to it if you don't like to listen to goatrance. I don't mind though, used to like it in the mid 90's. So, give it a go!


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast

Download it from:

Demo #003 - Glow by The Black Lotus

This is a nice demo, with good gfx, music and effects. I don't want to say much more about it, other than that it was made for the Icing demoparty in Sweden in 1996. It got the second place, beaten by The Three Little Elks, and very skilled Swedish crew back then. Have fun!!


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast

Suck it down from:

Demo #004 - Silkcut by The Black Lotus

I have not seen this demo myself, but I have heard that it is supposed to be very good. It was released this year the German Breakpoint party, and took the first place in the competition. It needs a pretty strong machine though, and they write in the demos infofile that you should use a machine with 060 to get the most out of the demo. It will work with less though, I'm sure of that.

Thought it might be interesting to see some NEW Amiga demos, not just older stuff. Have fun, and please tell me how it looked!


Heavy duty Amiga 1200 (don't bother with gfx-cards and such, because the demo
does not support that anyway)

Grab it from:

Demo #005 - Little Nell by The Black Lotus

Another of the more new-school TBL demos. This is called Little Nell and was released at the Mekka^Symposium party in 2002. Not surprisingly it got the first place. wink.gif That happens a lot with TBL demos.

This demo will work on most A1200 confics, but please keep in mind that the better hardware the better the demo. A 060 would be prefereble I think.


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip & 16MB Fast, FPU

Leech it here:

That was all for this time - hope you enjoyed the demos by TBL! They are for sure
one of the Amiga demo groups ever.

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