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Written by PG   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Hello, and welcome to the fifth week of recommended demos!

This week I made a poll in the forums demo section, where I made it possible for you to vote on your favourite package. The one that was labelled "German Bonanza" got the most votes. Therefore, demos made in Germany will b  on the programme tonight.  I hope you will enjoy it. I might put up a poll next time too, and then, I bet that the one labelled "Polish Bonanza" will be the winner.  (Hint, hint) Okay, have a wonderful time watching the demos, and please give me some feedback regarding this weekly thing, ok? See you in the forum!

Demo #001 - "Roots 2.0" by Sanity

This demo got the second place at the Blackbox Symposium party in Germany, 1995. The coding is done by Chaos, who is famous for also the Farbrausch demos on the PC, and Mr. Pet, another legendary coder. Some graphics are made by Cougar, which has a unique and special style. The music in the demo is composed by Jester, and he is one of my favourite trackers on the Amiga. The demo is a result of the combine forces of some of the best names that the Amigascene have fostered - something you can clearly see by watching it.

The demo is special because it is made for Amigas with a 68020 processor, but not only AGA machines. So if you have an Amiga 500, with a 020, you can watch it in its fullest glory.


MC68020, OCS/AGA Chipset

Get it from:

Demo #002 - "Pixel Storm" by Abyss

Abyss is a well known group on the Scene. Throughout the years they have released a ton of productions, belonging to different genres, and for different computer platforms. Not only have they released stuff for the Amiga, but also on the C64 and the PC.

"Pixel Storm" is a slideshow featuring the brilliant art of Toxic and Tyshdomos. The music is done by Pink, who is also responsible for the code. The prod is well polished, and the funky music and pictures pulls up the atmosphere. Like "Roots 2.0" we can call it made in Germany. wink.gif

PS: Don't miss the picture of "Jacko" - it is hillarious!!


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip

Download it from:

Demo #003 - "Television" by Bizarre Arts

Oh yeah, this is a good one. It features not only ordinary demo effects, but also video that the members of the group have made. This video is combined with the rest, and it looks neat. Azure, the coder, is also the guy that was one of guys behind "The Gate" by Artwork, a demo that has been featured earlier in this section. As in that production, Azure does his jobb well. A good polished demo, with good music and effects. I think you all will like it.


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast

Suck it down from:

Demo #004 - "My Definition in Blue" by Scarab

Ok, ok, I admit it. This is probably not an ALL German demo, but most of it is made by Germans if I remember correctly. biggrin.gif

It is a pretty new demo, released in 2003, and it has a special theme. What kind of theme, I hear you ask. Well, the demo has lots of BLUE in it.. I'll give you that as a small clue.... wink.gif


MC68030, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast (I'm not sure about this,
but better to have a bit too much hardware than too little.)

Grab it from:

Demo #005 - "Phi" by Artwork

Azure, Tron, Fiver, SMT - South Sealand Party 1996. Good effects. Good gfx. Good music. Good atmosphere. I will explain in short: RULEZ!!!!!


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip and 2MB Fast

Leech it here:

That was all for this time. I hope you will enjoy the demos that are listed above, and that you will be impressed by what the artists behind these have managed to produce. Of these demos, I like best the one by Bizarre Arts called Television because of its special theme. As a number two - "Roots 2.0" by Sanity. This one really rocks. However, enjoy the show people! See you in the forums, and have a good night!

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