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Written by PG   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006
Oh hoy, sailors!

Last week there were unfortunatly not a selection of demos for you to look
at, but now it's back to normal again. The Halloween weekend has come
up on us, and here in the US, people are going bananas with pumpkin
carving and hanging in scary bars. For those of us that wants to spend
a little quality time with our precious computers (I know I often want to),
we can make us some coffee and whatever it is you fancy, and get right
on to some serious demo watching.

So, let us welcome this weeks five contenders!

Best wishes and happy helloween (hehe)!

Demo #001 - "CCCP" by Juliet and Case

Hard music
Nicely done effects

These are keywords that describe the demo you are about to see. I've
not seen any thing like it earlier, and it still amazes me when I watch it.
The soundtrack drives the effects and graphics in a good way, and the
theme of the demo is interesting. Have a look, and let me know if you
enjoyed it or not. If you did, I might include some more Juliet and Case

Background information about the demo. It was released at the
Finnish Assembly demoparty in 1994 and ranked number 5 in the


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip - that's it, and that's that

Get it from:

Demo #002 - "Arte" by Sanity

This is a major classic when it comes to Amiga demos, and many of
you might have seen it before. The title of the demo says it all,
because this is without doubt pure art(e). wink.gif

Some of you have discussed the latest PC prods by the coder Chaos
of Farbrausch. Well, here is a chance seeing him in action on the Amiga
500. The demo is quite old and was released in 1993. It competed in
the competition at The Party in Denmark that year, and did of course get
a high rank. Did not win the competition though.


Standard Amiga 500 should be fine

Download it from:

Demo #003 - "It Can't Be Done" by Ram Jam

Can it be done? To find out, watch the demo.. biggrin.gif


MC68020, AGA Chipset, 2MB Chip

Suck it down from:

Demo #004 - "Captured Dreams" by The Black Lotus

Remember "Tint" by The Black Lotus? Now it is time to
watch another of their demos, namely "Captured Dreams". Do you
think they have managed to capture dreams and include it in the
demo? Go ahead and see! I will not say anymore.. ..


MC68030, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast

Grab it from:

Demo #005 - " Cracktros" by Skid Row

Thought it might be interesting for you to have a look at those old and
cute cracktros from the old days. Well, here is your chance to see a
selection of some of the ones made by Skid Row. I think it is always
nice to watch such stuff, and I often remember the cracktros when I
see them again.  Brings me back to copying disks with X-Copy and
swearing at various items because of broken floppies and such. biggrin.gif
Enjoy the show, folks!

Btw.. these are fixed by Stingray/Scarab (ex. Darkage)


Standard Amiga 500 should be ok

Leech it here:

I hope you will enjoy the show! I'm sure that "Captured Dreams"
will look amazing to you. wink.gif

Take care, have a great weekend, and see you in the forums!
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