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TOSEC ISO - CD Dumping Project Hot

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Summary CD Dumping Project, and is an off shoot of the main TOSEC project.

As the nam suggests TOSECISO concentrates on optical CD/DVD media archiving, and leaves the main TOSEC project to catalogue floppy disk and other media formats from old systems.

The TOSECISO project creates dat files in the same way as TOSEC, which can be used in ROM Managers such as ClrMamePro to check your ISO images for crc checks, naming conventions etc...  The project's dat files include as much information about the original discs as possible, including serial number, data track size, audio track information etc...  This is achieved by each disc's data track being extracted into a bin/cue file using CDRWin, and then the Audio tracks ripped using EAC.  The information is then collected from the ripped disc files using ClrMamePro.

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