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Written by PG   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Hi everyone!

After posting last weeks list of specially selected demos, I was really curious whether I was going to get some feedback from you or not. I didn't if this thingwould interest many of you, but it seems like it did. Many comments have beenmade, and hopefully, it might have sparked some interest for the demoscene in some of you. Beside this, I'm happy about the feedback I've received, and itwill for sure make it more motivating doing this every week. So again, thankyou guys! smile.gif

The idea of making short videoclips out of the demos was a good idea. I think we should go for it, because it will enable ALL of us, and not just a few, to watchthe fantastic Amiga art. It is always sad when someone does not have the machinegood enough to run the best productions. It is a good initiative, and I'm sure manypeople will be grateful for it.

So, what about this weeks selection of demos? What do I have to offer this time?Well, since the weather situation hasn't changed much during the last week, I willinclude something (again) that will cheer you up a bit. Isn't that nice? Hopefullyyou will laugh and have fun while watching the prods. So, let us go to this weeksspecially selected demos!!

Demo #001 - "The Gate" by Artwork

In 1996, at the same time of year that The Black Lotus released "Tint" (I wrote about "Tint" in the last weeks review, and that it won The Gathering 1996 party),Artwork made a breakthrough with their demo "The Gate". It won the Symposiumparty, and did for sure put the Germans in the crew on the map.

I first saw "The Gate" at a Norwegian demoparty where some sceners had justgotten hold of it via internet. I remember they showed it to some friends of mineand myself, and we were stunned. Why? Because the effects were amazinglyfast and complex on an Amiga 1200 with just a little bit of expansion!

"The Gate" and "Tint" were the productions that started of the competitionbetween The Black Lotus and Artwork. These two groups were in manysceners eyes the best at the time, and people were discussing which of them had the best demos.

To see the start of the new era in the Amiga demoscene, lean back and enjoywhile Artwork gives you some truly fine... artwork. smile.gif


MC68020, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast (recommended)

Get it from:

Demo #002 - "Humus 2" by Push Entertainment

Let us go from a demo to an intro, or more correct, a 4KB intro. The size of the production is small, but still, it has plenty of effects and even good music!I can hear that you say this is too good to be true, but I can guarantee you that this 4KB will change your look on what a filesize of a production should be.

Some info about the intro itself. It was released at a Finnish demopartycalled the Assembly in 2001, and it won the combined intro competition. Itknocked out PC productions, which had the advantage of better hardware. It kocked the socks out of other Amiga productions too. It simply ruled at the time of its release.

So, enjoy the colourful effects accompanied by music, all in 4KB. smile.gif


Sorry, but don't know the reqs for this intro, but you can check out the readme file in the archive of it (available below) to see what kind of Amiga it needs.Shouldn't be THAT hardware hungry. wink.gif

Download it from:

Demo #003 - "Brus" by Ephidrena

Ok, ok, I admit, I'm going 4KB mental today. It's the truth, but I'm not ashamed
to admit it. Sonic boom, baby, let's do this thing!

"Brus" is a special type of production, because it is a MUSICDISK in 4KB!! Yes, amazingly it is true. Just run the production, and you can select and listen to the included tunes. EVERYTHING in the package takes up the huge space of 4KB. The Norwegian coder Loaderror had done a great job with this musicdisk, and I'm sure you will agree when you see it. It was released in April 2001, which is three years ago, but it still know how to shake the crowd.

So get your butt of your chair and dance to the sound of the 4KB power!


Once again I can't say anything about the reqs, but it could be that a standard Amiga 1200 will work. smile.gif Fast ram is probably a bit good to have, maybe necessary.

Suck it down from:

Demo #004 - "Divine" by Gods

Well, have to do a bit publisity for my own group don't I? Here comes a slideshow, and it is not really a demo. I thought I would include it anyway, because I think you would like it.

Ok, let us get to business. This slideshow is put together with pictures from the Norwegian graphician Typhoon, and they are all pixled. The coding was done bythe Italian Modem of Darkage and the music, which makes a good atmosphere,was tracked by Virgill. If I remember right, it was released in 2000 or 2001, around easter.

So, enjoy the pictures! smile.gif


MC68020, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip and 2MB Fast

Grab it from:

Demo #005 - "Wit Premium" by Freezers

Last time I included the demo "Lech" by Freezers. This time, I'm giving you their demo from 1994 called "Wit Premium". As the last one, it has a high pace. Theeffects and the music go well together, and the gfx is awesome. There is onlyone thing negative about it, and that is that it is too short. For my part, it couldhave lasted a couple of more minutes. wink.gif

Done by the same guys behind "Lech", and almost just as impressive. Lean back and enjoy the show, and prepeare for the axe hitting your screen..(You will understand what I mean when you have watched the demo..)


MC68020, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip

Leech it here:

I hope this weeks selection of demos worked out nice, and that you enjoyed the art being presented. This time became a bit of everything, from 4KB's to musicdisks to slideshows and finally demos. It is good with a mixture sometimes, and it will also show you that the scene is not only about demos, it has many other spheres too. Hope to receive some feedback on what has been presented, especially the 4KB productions. Take care guys, have a GREAT weekend, and be nice to people around you. Now it is time for me to get something to eat. biggrin.gif

Auf wiedersehen! Good bye! Ha det godt! Adios amigos! Laters! Snakez!


Punisher/Gods a.k.a Jonas

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