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Written by PG   
Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Demo # 001 - Tint by The Black Lotus

During Easter 1996, a computer party named The Gathering was held in Vikingskipet in the Norwegian city of Hamar. At this party, a demo was released by the Swedish section of a group called The Black Lotus. They won without much challenge from the other crews that were present at the party.
Tint by The Black Lotus 

In these winter time, when it's dark and cold, the cheerful music found in the production can be something that lifts your spirit. Also, it sports brilliantly drawn Deluxe Paint images and fast and colourful texturemapped effects, all programmed in Assembler. The effects that you will see fits the music perfectly, and creates an atmosphere that I have personally not seen in many demos.

Tint is approaching ten years of age, but like with good wine, it gets better by the years (I'm not a wine person, I think beer is better). Lean back in your chair and enjoy the show.


MC68020, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast, 5MB HD Space,

Get it from:

Demo # 002 - Pulse by Nerve Axis

This one is a beuty from 1997, and it was released by the English crew with the name of Nerve Axis at the Assembly computer party in Finland. The group had been quiet for a while, but suddenly showed muscles with this production.  Now a bit about the contents. The music is good, and it suits the effects shown on screen well. There is some creative  design in the demo which I really like, and the effects are incredibly fast. It doesn't have a specific theme or an agenda or anything like that, but it is more in the tradition of showing of cool routines along with graphics and fitting music; in short, a demo show.

pulse_16Regarding the hardware requirements, I guess you can run it with a:

MC68020, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast - BUT!
MC68030, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip and 4MB Fast is recommend I think smile.gif

Get it from:


Demo # 003 - Hardcore by Syndrome

Let us break the trend from the two previously mentioned demos, and be daring and try something that is completely different. I would like to point out that this demo, Hardcore by Syndrome contains scenes that could be disturbing for some people. Actually, it caused a lot of discussions after it was released. Many demosceners reacted negatively on the brutal theme of the demo, and several articles were written in diskmagazines about it. Many people did not like it, but also; many people did. So, if you think you can't handle the images presented, please think twice about watching it, and instead do a second watching of Tint by The Black Lotus. wink.gif

As for the demo itself, it was released in 1996 on a French demo party called Saturne 4. If I remember correctly, it won the competition. The soundtrack is made by Bosco, and it is quite heavy to digest. The brilliant graphician Tenshu is behind the pictures in the demo, and to be honest, even if they are a bit on the edge, they are great artwork. Made pixel by pixel, it shows what is possible to draw with Deluxe Paint or similar programs on the Amiga. The programmer, Codac, is behind the code and he made some good effects for this demo.

Hardware requirements for this demo:

MC68020, AGA chipset, 2MB Chip

It could be that it need fastram, so it will do no harm having 4MB Fast enabled in WinUAE.

Get it from:

Demo # 004 - Guardian Dragon by Kefrens

Enter the world of fantasy, enter the world of Kefrens. Guardian Dragon is a well polished demo from 1991, and the guys behind it, is one of the most legendary crews ever on the Amiga demoscene. Some of you may remember one of the members of Kefrens who sold his Amiga 500 on E-Bay.. now it's your chance to see his crew in action in this splendid demo. When watching it, keep attention to the neat music, it rocks! Not much more to say than to enjoy the show, I sure I will!

Guardian Dragon by Kefrens 

Hardware requirements for this demo:

A standard Amiga 500 should work great, but if not, add 512KB extra mem and it will be ok.

Get it from:

Demo # 005 - Lech by Freezers

In 1995 the Polish crew of Amigasceners, Freezers, released a great production, Lech. This is Polish '95 power supreme. It is fast, furious, and fast and furious once again. It hits you straight in the face, the music is fast and perfectly suited to the effects and pictures on screen. In my eyes, it is the BEST production Freezers ever released. It made the first place in the Eastern Conference demo competition in Poland. On it says that the demo was released in 1994, but this is wrong. The correct date is 1995. Freezers demo Wit Premium was released in 1994, and they are probably mixing those together. smile.gif
However, enjoy the show - enjoy the music - and be prepeared for some Polish power!

Hardware requirements:

If you have a standard Amiga 1200 you should be ok

Get it from:

Ok, that was it for this time. Five demos that will trigger different emotions in you. Hope to see some comments on the forums regarding the demos in the near future, and maybe some reactions to the difference and similarities between them. Have a splendid weekend, have a great demoshow, and I'll see you with a new list very soon! Hope you will like the demos, thanks for reading, and have a great time! smile.gif

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08 January, 2007

Yes! I was on this Copy-Party with my first group SAF. We presented our first demo NoAGA - Prototye/SAF. I remember this competition - Mr.Root/Union was a presenter. Good, old times... smilies/smiley.gif

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25 January, 2007

Cool that you was on that party. Would have enjoyed being there myself. smilies/smiley.gif

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