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Website Information
This section provides detailed information about classicamiga.

You can use the menu to the left to view the site's disclaimer and copyright notices, to see the staff members behind the site, the members who have contributed content to the site, and those who have donated money to help classicamiga.

In addition we have included a credits page to acknowledge those who have helped classicamiga over the years with content submissions and other help, or who without which classicamiga would not be the same.

Below you can find answers to some general site related questions. If you have any further questions about the site please contact Harrison.

Should I register?
If you are a fan of the Amiga then definitely. Registering on the main site allows you to write and submit reviews on the site for our game and demo sections, as well as allowing you to leave comments under any site content. Other member only facilities include a marketplace where you can advertise items you are looking for or items you wish to sell, an exclusive members image gallery, a live chat room where you can chat with other classicamiga members and a private messaging system to keep in contact with other members when they are offline.

Why can't I log into the forum?
You need to register on the forum as well as the main site. We apologise for this. Keeping the main site and the forum seperate makes it easier to maintain both and also makes each more secure. In addition if the site or forum server goes offline the other will remain live, guaranteeing we remain online at all times.

What is allowed on the forum?
You may chat about anything you like on the forum, not just the Amiga. We have a very relaxed forum and allow anything and everything to be discussed. Although the site and forum are focused on the Amiga, we are also fans of all types of gaming, from retro gaming through to current platforms, as well as anything else we can think of including film, music and design.

How is classicamiga funded?
classicamiga is personally funded by Harrison. He has purchased the servers and pays for their ongoing running costs (hosting, domain names, bandwidth, product licenses etc). These running costs are supported directly by the staff members Demon Cleaner and Teho who help fund the ongoing costs through continual monthly donations. In addition, site donations and a small revenue generated from site adverts help pay the bills. If you enjoy classicamiga please help us out with a small donation.

How large is the classicamiga development team?
classicamiga is developed solely by Harrison who has created and developed both the site and forum. The site content is mainly created by a core team of members (See the Staff and Contributors pages for further details), as well as through content submissions from other members and site visitors.

Why couldn't I find game xxx on the site?
While we aim to include all known Amiga games on the site, we will have missed some by accident. If you discover we are missing a game from our database please let us know so that we can add it.

Before contacting us do check you have spelt the name correctly. Also try other variations of the name when searching or manually navigate through the directory just in case it is there.

Why is the Amiga Demo Scene directory not complete?
The Amiga Demo Scene is huge, continuing thousands of releases over the years. To include every production ever released would be a task that would be hard to complete. Instead we decided to concentrate on including the best productions from the Amiga's demo scene so that we could also spend time creating as much supporting content for each, including screenshots, streaming music from the demos and eventually video clips. New productions are constantly being added to the directory so we may end up including nearly all releases, but that isn't our initial aim.

Why can't I download the games listed on the site?
Most Amiga games are still legally copyrighted and are therefore illegal to supply for download. We are actively seeking permission from the games copyright holders and hope to be able to start including games for download very soon. We will keep you updates as we learn more.

I came here looking for Amiga Kickstart roms! Where are they?
As with Amiga games, the Amiga Kickstart roms are still under copyright and therefore illegal to provide for download on the site. You can obtain a legal copy of the kickstart roms as part of the Amiga Forever package from Cloanto.

Alternatively if you own a real Amiga you can create a kickstart rom file from the real machine using the utility that comes with the WinUAE emulator. See the Tutorials and FAQs section under the Amiga menu for further information on how to do this. If you need further information or help on obtaining a copy of the kickstart roms please ask us in the forum.

Why is there content and data still missing from the site?
classicamiga is a very time consuming project, taking us a lot of our spare time to develop and update. Therefore it will be some time before it is complete (if such an on going project can ever be deemed as complete). If you would like to help us with the on going creation of content please get in touch. See the next section, Contribute, below for further details on how you can help.
Have you enjoyed looking at the content on classicamiga? We hope you have.

Would you like to help us with creation of site content? If so please get in touch. Here are some of the ways you can help us:
  • Game and Demo screenshots
  • Game and Demo music clips
  • Game and Demo video clips
  • Game Manual scans - jpegs or complete PDFs
  • Game cheats, tips and walkthroughs
  • Game box art and supporting material scans - diskscans, adverts, promotional material etc
  • Magazine scans - jpegs or complete PDFs
  • Amiga promotional material - adverts, videos of TV ads etc
  • Tutorials and FAQs - About anything useful relating to the Amiga
  • Anything else Amiga related you can think of
If you would like to help with anything listed here please let us know.
Maintaining costs quite a lot of money (hosting costs especially), and an enormous amount of time. If you like visiting the website, and would like to see it remain active, continue to grow and keep up to date then you may donate a fee via Paypal to help us out and to show your appreciation.

Donations are all used to:
  • Help pay for Hosting, bandwidth and domain costs
  • The continued development of the site and forum
  • Limiting the number of adverts shown on the site
  • The purchase of Amiga Hardware and Software to continue expanding the site's content

We need your support

By making a donation to classicamiga you will be supporting the many hours that have already gone into making it the site you see today, and guarantee it's development will continue into the future. Any contribution you make, no matter how big or small, is most welcome. We thank you!

Please use the donations form on the site's front page to submit your donation.