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Games Pinball Pinball Illusions

Pinball Illusions Hot

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Pinball Illusions


License:  Commercial
Year:  1995
A1200 (AGA)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Yes WHD Install available
Number of Players
Simultaneous Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Game Notes and Information

Pinball Illusions includes these 3 tables:

  • Law'n Justice
  • BabeWatch
  • Extreme Sports

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Cheats and Tips

Press '0' on the numeric keypad to enable these in game keys:

'1' ---- for slow motion
'D' ---- to put a zero in the counter
'Help' - to get an extra ball on the table

Choose a table, but before you fire the first ball press 'Ctrl' and 'Help'. Shoot the ball with the 'Return' key and then press 'Ctrl' for another ball. You can then have three balls in play at once. Press 'Help' again and you have unlimited balls. Each time you lose a ball you can now press 'CtrL' and get another one. If you want even more than three balls then you can press 'Help' and 'Return' together. You can then launch the ball and press 'Ctrl' again to have more than three balls in one game.

The most important thing you have to master on this one is use your top flipper. It´s easy to forget it´s there, or even just not use it, but you´ll have to if you want to hit those lovely jackpots.

One of the best things to aim for, points wise, is the ramp, the ball comes down when you kick off. The first time you get the ball up there you get 5 million and then each time after 5 more.

Another thing to try is to get as many combos as possible. Each one of these is worth 1 million to your score when you lose the ball. So go for them, they´re not too hard.

Other things to keep your eye open for is sparky´s fire, worth 50 million, the street shoot out and the jail break.

This table has lots to aim for and plenty of points begging to be taken, so realistically a good score has to be between 100 and 200 million.


The things to really go for on this table are all the combos. Air-mountain-tunnel combos are all worth a fair few points and are easy enough to do. Getting extreme, by hitting the button in the bottom right hand of the table, is also quite easy and with a jackpot of over 60 million up for grabs, it´s worth trying to get.

Other features include bungee jumping, which is worth 5 million first time and accumulates an extra 5 each time after, free falling, or diving, which can be worth in excess of 50 million and speed. Bungee jumping and diving can be activated by hitting the left hand chute, whilst speed is a bit harder as you have to hit the right hand chute four times.


It´s different from Law `n Justice in that everything to aim for is at the top of the table. There´s very little at the bottom to hit. This makes things more difficult. The chutes are hard to hit and if you do, watch out as they´re aimed so that the ball comes flying down the middle of the table and past your flippers before you know it.

You´ll have to learn to use tilt on this one. Just a couple of tilts either way will usually help, but don´t tilt too much otherwise your game is over.

For the big points on this table aim for the race chute and the jukebox. Alternatively you can go for the Casino, or Gym and there´s points for the grabs there as well. If you did hit the Gym and it says Show Some Muscle, hit the Jackpot, or Casino chute and you´ll have 30 million.

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The trilogy completes

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Finally 3 years after Pinball Fantasies 21st Century released their final Pinball Game. While Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies were closely related considring graphics and sound, Pinball illusions was quite different. First of all the graphics were much more lifelike, the tables had grown in length again, and there was a new feature which Pinball Dremas and Fantasies were unable to do: Multiball!!! In the case you were able to lock enough balls you were automatically switched to a whole table view in which you could see all the balls in play.

The only downside this game had, it had only 3 tables... but what the hell, the game was great, felt different, but still smooth and it still felt like a part of the trilogy. Maybe the lifespan wasn't as long as for it's predecessors, but once again 21st Century had shown us that they can still do Pinballs.
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October 10, 2006
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