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Games Role Playing (RPG) Ultima VII Part 2 (Exult)

Ultima VII Part 2 (Exult) Hot

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Ultima VII Part 2 (Exult)


License:  Commercial
Year:  1993
PPC RTG Amiga One Pegasos (Morph OS)
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Origin
Developer:  The Exult Team
Copyright:  Origin (1990)(Ultima 7)
Conversion:  Rüdiger Hanke
Game Notes and Information

Ultima 7 was never originally released for the Amiga. Instead it has now become playable using a free interpreter called Exult, created by The Exult Team to allow Ultima 7 dat files to run on a variety of different platforms including the Amiga. More about the Amiga version of Exult can be read here .

Exult for OS3+ and MorphOS is available on Aminet here .

Exult for OS4 is available from OS4 Depot here .

Exult supports both parts of the Ultima VII game (Black Gate and Serpent Isle), plus both of the add-on data disks, The Forge Of Virtue and the Silver Seed.

Part 2 contains Serpent Isle and Silver Seed.

System Requirements:

  • 68020 CPU or better
  • FPU
  • Workbench 3.0 (AmigaOS) or higher
  • Graphics Card
  • AHI for Sound
  • AMidi.device for music
  • Original copy of Ultima 7 for PC (CD-Rom version recommended)
The original "Ultima 7" PC game by Origin comes in two flavours: On CD-ROM (as part of the "Ultima Collection"), this version can be directly used with Exult. The other, floppy disk-based version uses packed data files which need to be extracted using MS-DOS first.

Screenshots, Artwork and Media

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