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Games Strategy Earth 2140

Earth 2140 Hot

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Earth 2140


License:  Commercial
Year:  2001
Number of disks
1 CD
Harddrive Installable
English German
Number of Players
Simultaneous Players
Game Developer's Credits
Game Notes and Information

The only Real Time Strategy game on the Amiga that requires a 16 bit screen mode.

Minimum 68060 Recommended PPC [WarpOS]

Graphics Output [16bit colour!]:
Graphhics board supporting CGFX or P96 ZorroIII or faster
Available resolutions 640x480x16bit / 800x600x16bit

Minimum 24 meg
Recommended 32 meg

Hard drive space:
Around 20 meg

To run this game at a reasonable speed a BlizzardvisionPPC, CybervisionPPC or PCI graphics card is required. Ordinary Zorro based graphics cards are just not fast enough.

There is a Earth 2140: Mission Disk - The Final Conflict which contains the PC Mission packs 1 & 2.

Screenshots, Artwork and Media

Artwork - (Boxart, Diskscans, Adverts.. etc)
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Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Support Material
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Cheats and Tips

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Editor review

The best RTS?

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This is a difficult game to review. Partially due to the high specifications needed to run this game on an Amiga (this will work on WinUAE if the installation goes right)and partially due to RTS's on other formats.

This is by far the best RTS on the Amiga in every aspect. It starts off with a wonderfull cinematic intro movie (probably the best i've seen on the Amiga) and continues with some superb graphics throughout the game. The sound is crisp and clean and the gameplay is easy to get into.

The problem comes in the fact that by any other systems standards this is a average Command and Conquer clone. The best ever on the Amiga but still average.

There are 3 levels of difficulty and the standard 2 sides (Earth vs Aliens) and many different missions. You can play against someone else across a LAN network but I've not tried this so it's i don't know how easy/good this is.

Overall I would say if you have a very high end Amiga or use UAE and would like to see what a high end Amiga can do then buy this.
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June 16, 2008
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Last updated: June 16, 2008

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