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A Small Guide to the Amigascene on the Internet Print E-mail
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Written by PG   
Friday, 18 August 2006


The Internet can be a confusing place sometimes, especially if you are searching for a special site, an obscure topic or perhaps a rare file. The Amiga Demoscene on the Internet is not an exception. This is especially so if you don't have much knowledge about the Demoscene in general and if you don't know where to start your search for information. In this guide I will do my best to provide you with links to the most popular and interesting sites, along with some extra information here and there. I hope that this guide will be of some help to you.

Demoscene Portals

There aren't many portals that only deal with the Amiga Demoscene, but you can find a lot of handy information on the ones that supports several platforms. In my opinion you can't really be without links to the following portals:

diskmagde is a gigantic site with information about everything related to the Demoscene. They have a huge archive of interesting links to groups that are active (or was active) on the Scene, to sites that offers a wide range of downloads, and to general sites that deals with the Demoscene. They also have a news section that is frequently updated with everything you want to know about what's happening in the Scene.

It is also interesting to note that features plenty of interviews of sceners. Here you can read about people from groups like TRSI, Scoopex, Abyss and so on. Last but not least, the site also sports a database that contains information about sceners.

pouet This site is enormous and it is like a gigantic database of Demoscene productions. Every platform is supported, which includes the Amiga range of computers. The site does also contain links, a message board, and system that lets users add their own stuff. The site is well worth checking out, and once you do you will probably come back.

For those that are searching for a specific production, will most probably have it available for you. If not, and you manage to find it someplace else, then you can share it on so others can enjoy the production too. The site is dependent on contributions from its users, and remember that every little bit helps.  


ojuiceThis is an old portal which has tons of information. It doesn't have much in the way of downloads, but it does have a brilliant database of active and non-active sceners, a party calender and a news section. It is a site that is truly handy to have bookmarked. Orangejuice does also have a neat search-engine you can use. This engine can track down a wide range of files; Demos, videos, you name it.

Demoscene Downloads

Most of you will probably be interested in downloading demos, intros, packs and other kinds of productions for your favourite nostalgic computer. Fortunatly this will not be a problem, as there are plenty of excellent sites out there. One of them is which I mentioned earlier in this guide. Many consider this site the best place to get hold of stuff, but of course, there are alternatives. Here is a few sites that I believe can be useful.

ampsmallAmiga Music Preservation Project

This site is all about music made on the Amiga. You'll find thousands upon thousands upon thousands of modules. All the great artists from the Scene are represented on this site. Also, if you have some rare modules lying around, the people behind the project might be interested. Have a look, you will not be disappointed.


aminetAminet is probably one of the best known archives for Amiga users worldwide. They have all kinds of files, which includes a lot of demos, modules, pictures and diskmags. The site is easy to browse and has a search engine. Aminet has been around for over 10 years, so it is a safe bet if you have download crawings.


JPV of RNO's site

I found the link to this site through Here you will find all the latest releases from the Amiga Demoscene. Downloads are fast and the stuff is hot.

sceneorg In their own words, is a "non-profit organization aimed at providing the 'electronic art scene' with a forum for communication and for sharing their work." The site does therefore contain a forum for sceners, along with a gigantic archive of productions. Here you will thousands of files for your Amiga, and also for the PC if that is interesting for you. They have an FTP you can connect to, but you can of course download in other ways if you want that. I would like to mention that is kind of an institution among sceners. The site has been around for a long, long time. is a must see if you are after various kinds of productions. Have a look!


bridgeclaw-monsterI truly hope that the sites that are listed above in this article will prove both interesting and useful for you. I haven't provided links to Demoscene groups or Sceners in general, as you can easily find them through portals such as If you have any comments regarding this article or suggestions for content to be included, please do not hesitate to contact me through this site. I'm more than happy to update and make the article better as time goes by. So, please enjoy the links to the Amiga Demoscene, and have fun watching demos!

Best regards, PG
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