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Written by PG   
Tuesday, 27 February 2007
The 15 Years Oxyron Party is now over. You can find the final results of the demo competition below.

1. Zenith of Puberty by TEK (Plus/4)
2. Knochentanz by K2 (VIC20 + SpeakEasy cart)
3. Isotop by Bauknecht (PC 4k)
4. 8-Bit Terrorists by DSS (C64)
5. N2C4Oxy07 by Onslaught (C64)
6. Swinging in 2007 by Civitas (C64)
7. Da Lame by Stonehead (Amiga AGA)

As you can see, there was one Amiga demo released. You will soon find this demo available for download in the demo section.

For more information concerning the party, please click here.
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