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Tanx Hot

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License:  Public Domain (PD)
Year:  1991
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
Simultaneous Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Developer:  Gary Roberts
Coder:  Gary Roberts
Game Notes and Information

This PD game uses a style similar to the later Worms. Two players taking turns to angle their tank's turrent in an attempt to hit the other player's tank across the terrain.

Originally coder in Feb 1991, it was updated later the same year in July for inclusion on an Amiga Action magazine coverdisk.

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Editor review

Tanx - Power,!

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Here is a very simple game, simple idea, simple graphics, but still good fun. In this game your objective is to destroy your opponent, either AI or human. To do this, you must alter the angle and power of your shot to successfully strike your opponent's tank. A single direct hit results in the death of your opponent.

Ahh, the rolling back and forth of the tank, trying to confuse your opponent into producing a miss. This game allows the user to roll back and forth a short distance, and to move their turret in an almost one hundred and eight degree range of motion. Add to this the ability to change the power of your shot, and this is your range of control over the gaming environment. You are able to add such things as pushers, pullers, fans and targets to the game, but I was never able to determine the use of such objects. You were also able to select the type of terrain that was to be used - mountains, foothills or random, the strength of the gravity and also wind. These options would test your playing abilities to see if you can quickly adjust and destroy your opponent.

To enjoy this game as much as possible, a two player hot seat game is the order of the day. If you are to play properly, the player who is not currently controlling their tank, must look away to ensure they do not see any movements of your opponent. The anxiety that is produced while watching the bullet fly towards your tank is so high that at times you cannot watch, but you cannot pull your eyes away. The crash of the bullet and explosion of your opponents tank allows the victor to revel in their achievement, if only until the next round begins.

The only variety that is offered during this game is the random generation of the terrain and wind direction and also the animation that is played at the explosion of a tank. Otherwise this game is pretty straightforward, without much variation.

Graphics: This is a 2D environment, with no attempt to make it look more realistic. The colour scheme is set to a very basic range of colours, with no real variation in the background.

Sound: Very simplistic, basic explosion noises when a bullet is fired, lands on the environment or hits the other tank. There is also a random shout by what sounds to be a drill sergeant.

Gameplay: The game is very straightfoward, aim at your opponent, and fire, trying to hit them. There is no variation to this, but the difference in the terrain allows for non repititve gameplay.

Lifespan: This game, when played as a single player game, does get old quite quickly. The AI's abilities never change and so it just becomes a fluke as to who gets closest first. The only way this game remains fresh is to play it as a two player game with a friend or relative. It is an excellent game for a tournment, trying to work out who has the best judgement.

Overall: In a nutshell, this game is good for tournments, allowing multiple people to play the game quickly. It is fun to play against those you know, but playing it against the AI, the game ages quickly. Good to check out if you wish to play a quick few rounds of a two player game.
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26 April, 2012

Tanx - sinlge player
Hi I remember playing this game against the computer, but can't remember how to activate this, anyone know. I vaguely remember entering player 2 name as AMI or something but cant get it working.


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