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Games Strategy Syndicate

Syndicate Hot

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License:  Commercial
Year:  1993
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
English French German Italian
Number of Players
1 only
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Cheats and Tips

Enter one of the following company names to activate the corresponding cheat, and receive the reward shown.

"ROB A BANK" - 1 million credits.
"COOPER TEAM" - 1 million credits, mission select and all weapons.
"MIKES TEAM" - 100 million credits, all items researched.
"MARKS TEAM" - 100 million credits, all items researched, 19 fully equipped agents.
"WATCH THE CLOCK" - Speeds up time.
"OWN THEM" - Own all countries.
"NUK THEM" - Select any mission (start from any country).
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Editor review

The thinking man's cannon fodder!

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I first played Syndicate as a coverdisk demo containing the first couple of missions. As soon as it loaded and I started to play the first mission I was hooked and kept playing through those demo missions loads of times while I waited for the final game to be released.

Set in a futuristic cyberpunk world, with a lot of bladerunner and William Gibson influences, the isometric 3D graphics work very nicely to create the mission areas. And these areas are populated with lots of little game characters moving around, walking the streets, or going into and out of buildings, whilst cars travel around the streets. This all works well to create the atmosphere of a living and breathing city.

The game's world is controlled by large corporations, all competing for the domination of each country. The main goal of the game is global domination, with you in control of the secret agents from one of the these corporate organisations, going on secret missions in order to take over the world.

The mouse driven control system is so easy to use that you are left enjoying the game and not needing to worry about how to do something. A simplified version of this was later seen in games like Cannon Fodder, with you moving your little men with the left mouse button, and firing with the right. Such a simple control system and it works.

The secret agents you control are cyborgs that can be enhanced with upgraded limbs, brains, eyes, hearts etc. Each upgrade boosts their abilities to move, fight and react. In order to upgrade them you need to research each upgrade. This requires the spending of money which you earn from successfully completing each mission. You can also use money to buy better weapons and items.

The game is played out as a series of missions, with you able to equip and send up to 4 of your agents on each. Each successful mission gives control of one new area of the world map and unlocks adjoining regions for you to move into and take your next mission. Missions vary from straight forward go in a shoot all the enemy agents, to assassinations of a key person, or the persuasion of important people to bring them over to your side, so that they can work for you.

Before a mission begins you are taken to the mission briefing screen which gives details of the mission and the goals you need to complete. You can spend some extra money on this screen to unlock some extra information, hints and tips about the mission. Sometimes these extra bits of information are useful, but they are not essential to completion of the missions. You also get to kit out and set up up to 4 of your agents to take on each mission. You can configure their cybernetic body parts, and give them up to 8 weapons and item each to take with them. It is important to read the mission briefs properly before configuring your agents because you might need certain equipment like the persuadatron, or a long range weapon if the enemies are likely to be carrying mainly shotguns.

If there is one thing that does let the game down slightly, it is the fixed view of the game's world. If one of your agents walks behind or inside of a building you lose sight of them, although you can still see where they are by the number that floats above their head. This is OK until you suddenly see one of your agents is being shot, but when you switch to control them you can't see who is firing at them, so you have to randomly move you mouse cursor around the area until you get a red crosshair, and hope it is the guy shooting at you! But apart from that small issue the game is great and really enjoyable to play.

Syndicate is definitely up there with the best that the Amiga had to offer. It is a key game in the evolution of gaming and contributed much to the real-time strategy genre. If you haven't played it then it is highly recommended.

Sadly a sequel was attempted a few years later on PC and Playstation, but they didn't quite get it right. The graphics were improved, but the gameplay wasn't as good and it wasn't received too well by fans of the original. The good news though is that if you enjoy this original, there is a mission expansion disk available to extend the game and give it more life.
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24 January, 2007

Syndicate is a classic. Remember spending hours and hours playing it. Good graphics, neat gameplay and interesting story makes it a winner.

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04 July, 2008

Syndicate is as the thinking man's Cannon Fodder! smilies/cool.gif

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30 August, 2008

Agreed. hinking man's Cannon Fodder only more serrious gameplay and with a larger selection of weapons. Love the ol' pump action shotgun.

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Demon Cleaner
01 September, 2008

Absolutely brilliant game, played it on PC first though smilies/cry.gif

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