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The Productions of the Scene Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 July 2006
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The Productions of the Scene
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 What kind of programs does Demosceners make, how do they make them, and for what purpose? These questions can be answered by looking at various kinds of productions that has been released and how the different parts, in form of code, graphics, music and design, are glued together. Regarding the purpose of the work, a plausible answer can probably be found by studying the demoscene audience.

What do demosceners produce?

Usually, when confronted with what demosceners and demogroups produce, one is likely to refer to the term demos. The term is short for demonstration, which means that the people behind it have done their best (in some cases the worst) to demonstrate their abilities to the audience. How do they achieve this? As mentioned in the introduction chapter of this article, one has to look at the different pieces which the demos consists of, to get a full understanding of this.

goater Demos consists of programming, graphics, and music. A coder does the programming, usually in the low-level language known as assembler, which is the backbone of the production. Effects in various forms and 3D engines are examples of the work a person with this job do.A graphician on the other hand paints the pictures, the cliparts, the fonts, and the textures, while the musician has responsibility for creating the earcandy. On the Amiga a program called Protracker has been the standard tool for Amigascene musicians, although applications like Digibooster have become more common during the last 7-8 years. When it comes to the graphics, it is worth noting that there are people who does raytracing as well. Tracers does for example make 3D objects for the demos.

When all the different parts are ready, they are glued together into a standalone production which is called a demo, and this job is done by the coder. It is a heavy-duty job, and one can often see exhausted coders collapsing in front their computers at demoparties, battling against the deadline for delivering their work to the competition.

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