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Games Miscellaneous Holiday Lemmings 1993

Holiday Lemmings 1993 Hot

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Holiday Lemmings 1993


License:  Commercial
Year:  1993
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Psygnosis
Developer:  DMA Design
Coder:  Dave Jones
Graphics:  Gary TimmonsScott Johnston
Musician:  Andy WhyteTobias van der Peer
Game Notes and Information

The box for this game reads "Christmas Lemmings", but the in-game menu screen reads "Holiday Lemmings 1993".

This game started life as the New Year Lemmings 1991/92, released free to fans as Freeware/PD, and was based on Oh No! More Lemmings. And was later developed further into this full commercial Christmas themed Lemmings game, released in 1993.

Screenshots, Artwork and Media

Artwork - (Boxart, Diskscans, Adverts.. etc)

Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Support Material
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Cheats and Tips

                           (FLURRY LEVELS)

         02-Floating lemming flurry:          "IJJLDNCCCN"
         03-Holiday lemmings:                    "OJNLHCEDCT"
         04-Lemming tracks in the snow:          "HLDLCMNECT"
         05-Christmas south of the equator:      "LDLCAJNFCK"
         06-Lemming snowfall:                    "LHCKKONGCN"
         07-Lemming snowjourn:                   "LCANNLDHCQ"
         08-Clouds of lemmings:                  "CINLLLHICL"
         09-A block from home:                   "CAJHMDLJCJ"
         10-Lemmings below zero:                 "MJHMDLCKCW"
         11-At me in a cave:                     "NJOLHCGLCN"
         12-Presents of mind:                    "JMDLCINMCK"
         13-Yo-yo-lem-lem:                       "MDLCAKLNCS"
         14-Marshmallow land:                    "DLCKJNMOCO"
         15-Head for the hills:                  "LCENMMDPCM"
         16-The long way around:                 "CKNOMDLQVC"

                          (BLIZZARD LEVELS)

         01-Odgil lemmings:                      "CAJKNNHBDM"
         02-Lemmings up high:                    "KJKLFLCCDR"
         03-Check your hints:                    "KJLGNCADDO"
         04-Santus lemmingus:                    "JLFLCKNEDW"
         05-It came upon a lemnight clear:       "LFLCAJOFDO"
         06-A single lemming:                    "FLCKJNLGDY"
         07-Break on through:                    "LCANNLGHDU"
         08-Presents of mind 2:                  "CMOONOHIDJ"
         09-Lemmings..The motion picture:        "CAJJMFNJDQ"
         10-The wrath of lem:                    "KKHMFNCKDK"
         11-The search for lem:                  "NKMFNCALDX"
         12-The voyage home:                     "KMGLCKNMDR"
         13-The final frontier:                  "MFLCCJMNDX"
         14-The undiscovered country:            "NJCMKNDGDM"
         15-The needs of many:                   "LCANNMFPDM"
         16-The next lemeration:                 "BDNNMONQDV"

1. If a Builder hits a steepish slope he will stop building and turn around.

2. On the early levels practice using the lemmings special abilities. Try completing level one without Climbers and level two without Floaters.

3. On Blizzard level two, you will need to use the Digger/Builder method to block off the lemmings.

4. On Blizzard level 14 the exit is hidden under snow in the steel boxes in the bottom left corner! Use Miners and Bashers to get there.

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