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The Sunrise Hot

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The Sunrise


Name:  The Sunrise
Group:  Anadune
Year:  1996
Release Party:  Polish Summer Party 1996
Party Position:  2
Production's Credits
Coder:  Mr. Acryl
Graphics:  GreenKazik
Music:  RevisqScorpik
System Requirements
Harddrive Installable
Production Notes and Information

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The Sunrise by Anadune

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The Sunrise by Anadune

About Anadune

Anadune is a Polish demo group that was founded in 1994. They have released a wide variety of productions, ranging from demos to slideshows. Many well known Sceners have been members of this group. Including Norman, Action, QBA, Revisq, Mr. Acryl, Green, Kazik, Lazur, and several more.

The Polish Summer Party

At the Polish Summer Party in 1996, Anadune participated in the demo competition with The Sunrise. This party was held in Poznan, Poland, and arranged by Flying Cows Inc. An interesting note is that this was probably the first multi-platform party to be arranged in Poland.

The Sunrise managed to reach the second place in the competition, only beaten by Scumīs Utmost Vacancy demo.

The Demo

The first thing I noted when seeing the demo was the huge amount of excellent graphics. There are several nice pictures, logos and backgrounds to enjoy. One of them, a pictured titled "Amiga Rulez!", was especially entertaining and well drawn.

Worth mentioning is also the intro animation. This is a mouse-drawn animation, which is put together with the credits. Both the character in focus and the environment surrounding him looks cool.

There are also several effects to see. Many of them are texture-mapping routines, and the graphics used for the textures are well made. There could probably be a bit more variation in terms of effects, as a few of them seems to be returning a few times, only with some difference in textures and patterns. Still, there are more than enough routines to keep you interested throughout the demo. A good thing is that the effects are fast and smooth. Thatīs a big plus.

As for the music, it was done by Revisq and Scorpik. The main tune fitīs the demo like a hand in a glove. The end tune, which I think was made by Scorpik, is also a nice. Itīs a cover of a song made by Enya. To find out which, you have to load up the demo to check for yourself.


To sum it all up, The Sunrise by Anadune is an interesting demo. It features excellent graphics, but could have had a bit more routines, even if those included are nice. Music is always important, and in this case it matches what you see in the demo. It's no shock that Anadune managed to get the 2nd place at the Polish Summer Party 1996 with this production.

All in all, The Sunrise is recommend to watch, especially because of the pixel art by Kazik, Lazur, Green and Sharp.
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February 08, 2007
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