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Games Shoot-em-up Narco Police

Narco Police Hot

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Narco Police


License:  Commercial
Year:  1991
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Dinamic [Microdigital Soft]
Budget Publisher:  GBH (Gremlin)
Developer:  Iron Byte
Game Notes and Information

Screenshots, Artwork and Media

Artwork - (Boxart, Diskscans, Adverts.. etc)

Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Support Material
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Cheats and Tips

During play type any of the following cheat codes, then press Enter.

"NOENEMIG"___________Makes all enemies disappear
"COMENZAR"___________Makes all enemies reappear
"ABRIR"______________Opens all doors
"BLAST"______________Set off smart bombs
"MUNICION"___________More ammunition
"ETAPAUNO"__________ Moves you one level or zone
"NOAMETZ1"___________No machine guns in zone 1
"NOAMETZ2"___________No machine guns in zone 2
"NOAMETZ3"___________No machine guns in zone 3
"NOAMETZ4"___________No machine guns in zone 4
"NOCAMZ1"____________No cameras in zone 1
"NOCAMZ2"____________No cameras in zone 2
"NOCAMZ3"____________No cameras in zone 3
"NOCAMZ4"____________No cameras in zone 4
"CONGRA"_____________Complete the game

Some more you can try: "ETAPADOS", "LISTADOS", and "CUADRICU".
No hints, tips or helpful information currently available - Please submit any you know.

Member's Reviews

Editor review

Great concept, quickly gets boring

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The idea and design of this game is great. You control three groups of police special forces and can switch between them at will, moving each group within a mission to slowly bring them together at the final target location, which normally involves setting a bomb to blow up a base, and then getting back to your waiting helicopter.

The gameplay focuses around direct control of your police forces via joystick with an into the screen style shoot 'em up that is very cleverly creating using a psudo 3D effect made up from sprites scaling as you move forward, creating the illusion that you are moving through tunnels.

You also have a control console to the right of the main action which you can type commands into to issue certain orders such as requesting additional team members to join you, to switch groups, to fire missiles, or to set a bomb. This console is also used for when you log into terminals and then you can enter commands to open doors, deactivate guns and camera.. etc.

Initially the game is very nice to play. The pseudo 3D into the screen movement is smooth and well done as you move your team members through the tunnels. And the ability to switch between the three teams to move your forces further into a mission from different directions is something that was quite an original idea when this game came out. Since then we have seen many tactical style FPS games use this idea of multiple team switching, but in 1991 such 3D first person games didn't exist.

Sadly the game quickly becomes very repetitive. You move down a tunnel and enemy soldiers jump out or drop down from the ceiling. You shoot them all and move on. And this repeats. You come to a corner and move towards the direct you want to go, the graphics rotate 90 degrees, and then the whole process repeats again.

This is sometimes broken up by turning a corner and finding a larger enemy in your path such as a gun emplacement or tank. These just involve you shooting them with your guns and rockets until they explode. Or occasionally you will get an automated gun pop out of the wall and fire at you. The only other main obstacle are doors. You can either open these from terminals that you sometimes find around the areas, or shoot them a couple of times with rockets to blow them up.

It is sad because the ideas used in this game are great. The live action mixed with the command based console and the switching between three teams during a mission are all brilliant, but sadly the gameplay itself is just to repetitive and quickly gets boring. We have since seen how these ideas can be used well within a game if you look at some of the tactical shooters such as the Tom Clancy or Full Spectrum Warrior games, or even the later Amiga game Liberation. If they had designed this game using similar plot lines and ideas to those games then Narco Police would have been a great game. Equally the game engine and ideas of the team switching could have been used well for an RPG style game similar in idea to something like Dungeon Master of Hired Guns.

Therefore for the cool into the screen 3D style I had to give the game high marks for graphics, but for the repetitive gameplay the score had to be average and this means the lifespan is very short lived as you will get bored quickly.

That just leaves the sound. The game's intro has quite a nice tune, but once playing the game there is no music playing and the sound effects are mostly the same repetitive gun shot, with the occasional explosion. Therefore there isn't really much more than a few sound effects to make up the game's sound.

Is the game worth playing? It is just to take a look and have a quick play around. However I wouldn't recommend it as a game you are likely to ever want to complete.
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