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Miracle 1 Hot

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Miracle 1


Name:  Miracle 1
Group:  IRIS
Year:  1996
Production's Credits
Coder:  Moon
Graphics:  PixSirwok
Music:  RadianceStressball
Others(Misc):  MJ (Main editor), Darkhawk
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Miracle 1

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"Miracle" was released by IRIS, a group with deep roots and long traditions on the Scene. The crew has been active since the 1980's and are still going strong today. This year they released a demo called "Kilofix" at Breakpoint in Germany, which won the Amiga demo competition.

This diskmag was released in the year of 1996. The main editor of the magazine was MJ of IRIS who had been active as a swapper for many years. Therefore it is not strange that "Miracle" was aimed at this particular group of sceners, namely swappers. If one looks at the content, it is clear that a lot of the stuff is of particular interest to that group. Still, it is an interesting read for everyone, as there are a wide variet of texts.

When thinking about "Miracle" today, in the year 2006 (soon approaching 2007), I'm amazed by the vast amount of swapper adverts and regular news that was included in the magazine. Hundreds and hundreds of sceners are present and this really shows how active the Amiga Demo Scene was back in the middle of the 90's. The section covering recent news about groups on the Scene is gigantic and it can be interesting to browse through to get a glimpse of what was going on back then.

As for the design of the mag, it is very nice. The panel for example is both functional and neat, which makes it easy as pie to browse through the content, while at the same time giving you some eye candy. The music is atmospheric and fits the mag quite well. Not much can be said about the coding, other than that the mag engine seems to be working as it should.

All in all "Miracle" brings you back in time to the days where Amiga still was the most popular machine on the Scene. It has a lot of content which is fun to browse through, and the production is also stylish and elegant. It is really too bad that IRIS never managed to release more issues of this mag. I remember that there was plans for a second edition and that they worked hard to get it released. Sadly, issue two never saw the light of day. Anyway, "Miracle" is definitly a mag worth reading.
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December 01, 2006
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