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Games Simulation Frontier: Elite II

Frontier: Elite II Featured Hot

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Frontier: Elite II


License:  Commercial
Year:  1993
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS) CD32
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Yes WHD Install available
English French German
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Gametek
Developer:  David Braben
Coder:  David BrabenPeter J. M. Irvin
Graphics:  David BrabenJonathan GriffithsPeter J. M. Irvin, Paul Mitchell
Musician:  Dave Lowe
Game Notes and Information
Although Frontier comes with 2 disks, only the first disk is needed to play the game. The second disk just contains a set of save game files for you to instantly load and enjoy starting locations around the universe.

Scanned manuals were actual transcribed by the classicamiga member Teho and then converted into PDFs, scanning and positioning all of the images within the documents, using new screenshots in the main manual as the original black/white ones did not look very good. This was a big task which took some time to complete. We hope you like the finished result.

We will be adding more of the support material to the site soon, including a scan of the original complete star map.

Screenshots, Artwork and Media

Artwork - (Boxart, Diskscans, Adverts.. etc)
Intro Video:

Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Support Material
Click on the book icons to view the files. Text files will open in a popup window. PDFs will open in a new browser window.

No downloads currently avaialble for this game

Cheats and Tips

If you select a system around 650 light years away from your position you will get an in range fuel reading allowing you to make jumps of that distance making things much easier on long hauls.

To get a huge cargo bay buy some rubbish and some spare hydrogen fuel. When in free flight (and out of range of the authorities) click the mouse just below the jettison button. This will create 1 ton of cargo space per click (make sure you have some shields otherwise you'll be destroyed by the fake jettisoned cargo). Do this enough times and you can have a Eagle fighter with a Class 7 Hyperdrive and Large Plasma Accelerator.
NOTE: This bug may not work on all versions.

To get more money equip your ship with some passenger cabins and take on board passengers. Then go to the Shipyard and try to buy a cheaper ship. You'll not be able to buy the ship but you will get the credits for it.
This bug does not work on the CD32 version.
No hints, tips or helpful information currently available - Please submit any you know.

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