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Name:  Tint
Group:  The Black Lotus
Year:  1996
Release Party:  The Gathering 1996
Party Position:  1
Production's Credits
Coder:  EqualizerOffa
Graphics:  DannyFacet
Music:  Azazel
System Requirements
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
Production Notes and Information

The Download:

The version of Tint we have included here for download includes the special edition of the end part music which was made especially for Tint (extended to fit the length of the demo) but didn't make it into the released version.

It also includes the A4000 fix that was released shortly after the original release (see the tintfixed.doc file).

-Blueberry/Loonies, March 2006

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Tint by The Black Lotus

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The Black Lotus is perhaps one of the most well known groups currently active on the Scene. Their latest demo, which some of you might have seen, was called Starstruck. It participated in the combined demo competition at the Assembly 2006 party. Even if it had to compete with productions made on and for the PC platform, it managed to win the competition. That says something about the abilities of this groups members.

Let?s now travel back about ten years in time, to the year of 1996. During Easter that year, a computer party was held in the city of Hamar in Norway. The party was called The Gathering, and it has been arranged each year since then at the exact same location. It was at this party The Black Lotus released their demo called Tint.

Quite a few demos did participate in the competitions at The Gathering 1996. Groups like Session, Triumph, Spaceballs, Ward and Contraz participated with productions. The winner turned out to be Tint by The Black Lotus. According to the results from The Gathering, Tint got 458 points. The runner-up, Dreamscape by Triumph, did only get 125 points. That says something about the impact of Tint on the audience.

Before we go on, let?s have a look at the credits. The coding was done by Offa and Equalizer. The pictures and other graphics was made by Danny, Facet, Louie and Rodney. The music was composed by Azazel. All well known names on the Scene.

What was it that makes Tint such an appreciated demo? In this review we will have a quick look at the different aspects of the demo.

First of all, Tint has a wide variety of interesting effects. Included are a very interesting tunnel where it seems like there is lightening all around it. Another one is a neatly done outdoor 3D scene, right before the credits part. The effects has many colors and are nice to watch. Beside those, there?s a shaded texture-mapped 3D object rotating, and whilst doing that, a head morphs out of it. It is really cool and definitely worth a look. There are also many other effects included, but I will not spoil the fun by mentioning them all here. In short there are a lot of interesting effects to see and they all seem to be running fast on an Amiga 1200 with fast-ram.

Another good thing about Tint is that the effects are well adapted to the music in the background. The synchronization is in place and ensures that the demo moves on smoothly. It is worth mentioning that the demo is divided into different parts. Each of these parts has its own theme when it comes to background music. Another point is that the demo is long. It probably lasts for about 12 minutes, which is quite a lot. During those 12 minutes there is never a moment when there?s not happening anything on the screen.

Tint does also benefit from excellent graphics. The pictures included are neatly done, the same goes for the 3D objects and textures.

Overall, I would like to say that Tint is one of the better demos released for Amiga computers with the AGA chipset. It has a wide variety of cool effects, excellent graphics, and everything is synched to match the music perfectly. The demo is nice and entertaining to watch, and will probably remain a true classic for many, many years to come.
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