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Latest site news
Written by Harrison   
Thursday, 30 November 2006


Classicamiga would like to apologise for the current issues being experienced with our forums.  
On the 15th November the server hosting our forums suffered a hardware failure.  Due to the nature of the hosting, backups of the board data were in the hands of the forum host, and we took it for granted that they were backing up the forums regularly.  This appears to have not been the case as the backup they used to restore the forums was from March 2006, meaning our forum is missing the past 8 months worth of posts and topics, along with all board settings and structure changes.
Due to this failure they are still currently trying to recover the lost data for the board using data recovery on the damaged harddrive. They have just updated the situation by saying they finally hope to be able to recover what they can this week.  
Until they do recover the data, if you visit the forums you will find many topics with broken posts and a message saying posts are currently missing.  Hopefully once restored these missing posts will return, along with many forums that were added since March and are also currently missing completely.  If you wish to post a topic or message on the board please create a new topic.  Do not post in any broken topics as these posts might be lost when the final recovery takes place. 

The forums are moving 

Due to the bad management of the backups and the long downtime this has caused (now two weeks+) we have decided to part company with our current forum hosting company. 
We don't wish to lose any of our many years worth of forum topics and posts so we are waiting for the current host to finish restoring the data before we request a copy of the database ready for the move.  Once moved the forum will be hosted and managed by classicamiga itself.  This will ensure we can maintain a regular backup of the forum database. 

Switching forum software 

The current board is using a version of Invision Power Boards (IPB) forum software and it was a choice between switching to the latest self managed version of the same forum software, or look for something better.  After much research and testing we have decided to stop using IPB forum software for our forums and switch to vBulletin (vB) board forum software instead as it offers much greater scope for customisation and expansion to fully realise the goals we have in mind for the forum in the future.  
Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 November 2006 )
AmiKit 1.2.4 UPDATE package released
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Monday, 20 November 2006
A new update package is available through AmiKit Live Update program. It updates your AmiKit 1.2.3 to 1.2.4. Among various updates the two new programs have been added:
QuickSketch 1.03 by Daniel Westerberg. Have you ever felt the need to just sketch something down, just to see it visually, but you hate to do in on paper which gets lost or lies around on your desk or sits stuck to your screen making the whole scene of the room ugly? Or have you tried using text-editors just to see that it really isn't the same as a quick graphical sketch, or a drawing program just to realize that it's too clumsy, using it's own screen and stuff? Well, then this is the program for you! Use the startbar -> Tools menu to run it.
IsoMount 1.24 by megacz. It's an ARexx script that makes it possible to mount CD ISO and/or floppy images automatically. Thanks to Magellan support it is enough to click and hold a right mouse button over an image file to mount it. Supported images are ADF, MsDOS, Atari, Mac and CD ISO.
  • ADDED: QuickSketch 1.03 by Daniel Westerberg (AmiKit:Utilities/QuickSketch/)
  • ADDED: IsoMount 1.24 by megacz2k6  (AmiKit:C/)
  • ADDED: DOpus5 FileTypes for mounting ADF, CD ISO, Atari and MS-DOS floppy images. Use right-mouse to mount the images.
  • UPDATED: CDDA-FileSystem 1.1
  • UPDATED: DataTypes and Libraries from Scalos 41.4 distribution
  • UPDATED: FlashPlayer 1.3
  • UPDATED: LimpidClock 1.17
  • UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.19
  • UPDATED: MUIbase 2.1
  • UPDATED: PlayOGG 5.9b
  • UPDATED: SmartFileSystem 1.265
  • UPDATED: WHDLoad 16.7

Last Updated ( Monday, 20 November 2006 )
Forum is down [out of my control]
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Latest site news
Written by Harrison   
Wednesday, 15 November 2006
The classicamiga forum is down.  I came home (on the 15th) to discover this and then found the whole of the network is currently down too.
I did some digging and found the Invisionfree staff members latest blog entry that reads as follows:

November 15, 2006

All those posts finally blew a gasket. :p

Yoda: Seth break the Support Board? Itís not loading for me.
Brandon: s1 is broken
Yoda: how long til it unbreaks
Brandon:a few hours minimum

Ah the chaos that ensues afterwards should be interesting.

And of course:

NO we are not Upgrading to Zetaboards. The Serverís got a problem. Personally, I blame Seth. :p

The s1 server is the original and main Invisionfree server, and classicamiga's forum runs from the original s1 server as we created the forum whilst InvisionFree was in beta testing so have been with them since the start.
The s1 server being down also means it has brought down their own support Invisionfree site and support forums too, hence the "chaos that ensues" quote above.
Lets hope they can get it back up and running as soon as possible.
Update:  The forum is now showing the message "This domain is not setup for an invisionfree board".  This message is also displaying for all other invisionfree boards including the main support one so it seems to be a generic message. 
Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 November 2006 )
Amiga Games That Weren't
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Wednesday, 15 November 2006
Amiga Games That Weren't is a website which is dedicated to missing Amiga games. It was updated yesterday and new information and download possibilities to the 16 following games were added: 
  • Arcadia demo / Our-Type
  • Beach-Head
  • Beach-Head II
  • Blast Squad
  • City Limits
  • Deep Silence: The Secret Of My Soul
  • Egg
  • Fantastic Island
  • Flipover
  • Man Machine
  • Orb-It
  • Outlander
  • Outlander II
  • Raid Over Moscow
  • Vac-Suit Jack
  • Vaporizer

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 November 2006 )
HxC Floppy Drive Emulator
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Tuesday, 14 November 2006
The HxC Floppy Drive Emulator is a software and hardware system created by Jean Francois Del Nero, that emulates the behaviour of a floppy drive. It currently works for Amiga and 16-bits Atari computers.

If you wonder what a "Floppy drive emulator" can be, just have a look at this:
As you can see, the floppy drive has been replaced by some piece of hardware. This piece of hardware features an USB connection to a PC. On the PC side, just run the Floppy drive emulator software and drag/drop your favorite disk image file. Then just use your beloved computer as usual (no hardware of software modification of any kind, apart from the floppy drive replacement is needed), and feel the magic !

It means that you can run all your Atari and Amiga software on the real machines, without the hassle of keeping your old floppy disks, and experience floppy drives failures.

Here is basically how it works : the PC software loads the disk image files (.ST, .MSA, .ADF, .DMS...), and convert track data to MFM format (the physical way the data is stored on a floppy disk). Then the hardware part decodes the floppy drive logic, and retrieves from the PC the MFM flow into SRAM buffers. Those buffers are then sent to the target computer.

The first version of the system used 74-series chips and SRAM, and the parallel port of the PC. On the second version, most of the logic has been replaced by an Altera CPLD, and a FTDI USB module has been used to replace the parallel port.

For more information, I suggest that you go to Jeff's pages about his project (Warning, those pages are in French language).
"The project is currently in a prototype stage : it means that most of the stuff works (both hardware and software), but that it is still not ready to be delivered to the public. We are now planning to have ready-to-use boards manufactured and sell them at a reasonable price."
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 November 2006 )
PSPUAE 0.61 released
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Monday, 06 November 2006
The PSP amiga emulator PSPUAE has been updated: 
  • optionfiles with names (name_of_the_disk.options)
  • savestates with names (name_of_the_disk.asf)
  • auto-save options when saving state (in folder STATE )
  • auto-load options when loading state (from folder STATE )
  • auto-load options when inserting disk
  • assign keys in controls menu with amiga keyboard

Get the emulator HERE.

Last Updated ( Monday, 06 November 2006 )
Over 80 intro videos added at Lemonamiga
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Amiga news
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Monday, 06 November 2006
Over 80 videos of game intros were added at Lemonamiga. The videos all are with sounds and do not contain any compression artefacts.

Last Updated ( Monday, 06 November 2006 )
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