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This is a great remake of a classic Commodore 64 classic.
This PD game is a direct copy of the Nintendo original and a very addictive puzzle game.
Deluxe Pacman is based on the classic Pacman arcade machine and is a very addictive update and is from the same author as Deluxe Galaga. A PC sequel is currently in development by the same author and will be called PocMan. A preview video can be downloaded from the authors site.
Deluxe Galaga is a classic Amiga shareware title created by the same author as Deluxe Pacman. It contains some of the best vertical shoot em up action on the Amiga and builds nicely on the original Galaga arcade game to include many new features and levels. A shareware PC sequel to Deluxe Galaga, called Warblade, is now available from the authorīs website and is highly recommended for all PC users to try.
This is a very addictive PD game based on the classic Defender.