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License:  Freeware
Year:  2001
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
A1200 (AGA) RTG
Additional Hardware Requirements
Chip Ram:  1MB
Minimum CPU:  68020
Compatible Kickstart:  3.0 3.1
Minimum Operating System:  Workbench 3.0
Additional Special Requirements
Software Developer's Credits
Software Website:
Software Notes and Information

Satanic Dream's workbench replacement.

Scalos is a smart, small and efficent complete Workbench replacement.

Features of Scalos:

  • 99.9% Workbench replacement.
  • complete Multitasking, each window has its own Task
  • Icon-Datatypes System with NewIcon Support
  • CybergraphX and 24bit Datatypes Support
  • each window may have its own background-Pattern
  • automatic windows contents refresh
  • editable menus (with ToolsDaemon and Parm Import)
  • new Palette and Pattern Preferences programs
  • optimized pattern-routine with Scaling
  • configurable Popup-Menus
  • big API and PlugIn System

and much more ...

Current version is release 1.2b (v39.222)

While development of Scalos has never officially ended, no new versions have been released or announced since 2001.   Third party support and a wealth of additional files and packages for Scalos have been released since 2001 and can all be found and downloaded from Aminet here .


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