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Friday, 01 February 2008
ExoticA is all about Retro: Box scans of old games, Amiga and C64 soundtracks, pictograms for WHDLoad installs and much more. ExoticA consists of 8000 pages at the moment.

After over 2 years now, the transfer of the whole site to a Wiki based site has now been completed. Everyone is invited to update any information that is still missing.

The old version of the site still exists under, although it's not updated anymore.

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02 February, 2008

Nice to a point
It is great that Exotica has moved over to a community based approach. It allows everyone to add and edit content and contribute without issue. Something that the Amiga community thrives on (mostly).

But personally I've never liked Wiki's when used as the structure for a whole site. They feel too much like a reference manual (or encyclopaedia) than a site to explore in depth. They also always look so generic and instantly Wiki-like. I suppose it does add an Amigaguide type feel to it all though. You can customise their templates a lot though and I think this is needed with Exotica. Maybe to give it more of an Amiga feel?

I prefer the original site myself, even if it is now quite dated in design and layout. But good luck to the Exotica team and everyone involved in it's development and content. I hope it continues to thrive and gain more popularity. smilies/smiley.gif

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