Welcome to classicamiga - June 2007
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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Welcome to classicamiga, your guide to everything Amiga.

Classicamiga.com is a site dedicated to the classic range of Commodore Amiga home computers. We are dedicated fans working to preserve everything that made the classic range of Amigas so great, as well as trying to provide some great articles and site content for all Amiga fans to enjoy.

Explore our extensive Game and Demo Scene directories where we try to list as many of the great productions and games released for the Amiga over the years. These sections include screenshots of each game or production and where possible exclusive downloads. The games section also includes boxart and disk scans, cheats and tips, complete scanned game manuals and much more. We are constantly expanding the content within these sections so please keep visiting as we continue to keep adding more to the site.

If you decide to register and join the site you will also gain the ability to add your own reviews and comments to the site, giving other visitors your own views and scores for your favourite games and demos, as well as becoming a member of the classicamiga community.

And when joining don't forget to also visit the classicamiga forum. You can join the classicamiga staff to ask about anything Amiga related, or to just share your enjoyment of the Amiga with others and to take part in our exclusive Hiscore competitions, quizzes and games arcade.

New this month

During June we have been working hard on the site to add new content and to continue to improve the functionality of the site. The game and demo sections have both undergone continued development this month, adding many new features to both. Exclusive downloads have now been added to both, as well as more detailed notes and information. In addition the new Games Manual section has now been added to each game page which includes scanned manuals from the original games, as well as text documents containing transcribed versions of the original manuals, cheats, tips and extensive walkthroughs of our favourite games.

And that is not all. Many games and demo pages now include audio taken directly from them that streams from the site so you can listen and enjoy some of your favourite music from the Amiga. We are also about to add the first videos to the game and demo pages showing previews of the games and video versions of the demos.

A new section has also been added to the site this month entitled Site Information and can be found in the home menu above. This section includes answers to many common questions visitors may have about the site, as well as pages listing the staff members of classicamiga, content contributors, site donators and a list of credits detailing sites and people who have helped us out over the years. In addition it also contains some information about how you might be able to help classicamiga.

We hope you enjoy your visit to classicamiga and come back again soon. If you have any ideas or comments please log into the forum and post them in the suggestons forum. And don't forget to click the Read Me link just below to read more about the upcoming content we still have in store for the site.

Upcoming content

As always we are constantly working on new content for the site. Still to come this month includes:
  • More games content - box art, disk scans, games manuals (both text and scanned) and screenshots
  • More demo scene content - more productions added with screenshots and downloads.
  • New Amiga tutorials.
  • More Amiga articles.
  • The new Amiga Hardware section.

Future content

In addition there is still much more content coming to the site in the future. This includes:
  • The rest of the content from the old site ported over.
  • Amiga Software section with recommended Amiga software and reviews.
  • Emulatiion section - exploring Amiga emulators available different platforms.
  • More FAQs and walkthroughs.
  • More great hiscore competitions and quizzes.
  • Plus much more to come.
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