AmiKit 1.2.4 UPDATE package released
Written by Demon Cleaner   
Monday, 20 November 2006
A new update package is available through AmiKit Live Update program. It updates your AmiKit 1.2.3 to 1.2.4. Among various updates the two new programs have been added:
QuickSketch 1.03 by Daniel Westerberg. Have you ever felt the need to just sketch something down, just to see it visually, but you hate to do in on paper which gets lost or lies around on your desk or sits stuck to your screen making the whole scene of the room ugly? Or have you tried using text-editors just to see that it really isn't the same as a quick graphical sketch, or a drawing program just to realize that it's too clumsy, using it's own screen and stuff? Well, then this is the program for you! Use the startbar -> Tools menu to run it.
IsoMount 1.24 by megacz. It's an ARexx script that makes it possible to mount CD ISO and/or floppy images automatically. Thanks to Magellan support it is enough to click and hold a right mouse button over an image file to mount it. Supported images are ADF, MsDOS, Atari, Mac and CD ISO.
  • ADDED: QuickSketch 1.03 by Daniel Westerberg (AmiKit:Utilities/QuickSketch/)
  • ADDED: IsoMount 1.24 by megacz2k6  (AmiKit:C/)
  • ADDED: DOpus5 FileTypes for mounting ADF, CD ISO, Atari and MS-DOS floppy images. Use right-mouse to mount the images.
  • UPDATED: CDDA-FileSystem 1.1
  • UPDATED: DataTypes and Libraries from Scalos 41.4 distribution
  • UPDATED: FlashPlayer 1.3
  • UPDATED: LimpidClock 1.17
  • UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.19
  • UPDATED: MUIbase 2.1
  • UPDATED: PlayOGG 5.9b
  • UPDATED: SmartFileSystem 1.265
  • UPDATED: WHDLoad 16.7 

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