Harrison's Amiga page

This webspace is setup by Harrison (aka Dave) to aid anyone looking for some of the files needed to enjoy Amiga emulation.

If you have come here from GameFAQs then welcome and please let me know of anything Amiga related you are looking for or juxt want to talk about.

Included here are the following.

kickroms.zip --- This zip file contains all of the Kick start roms ever released for the Amiga range.
AMIGA 500.zip --- This zip file contains the config to setup an A500 in winUAE
AMIGA 600.zip --- This zip file contains the config to setup an A600 in winUAE
config406.zip --- This zip contains many different config files to set winUAE up in many different ways.
WinUAE088R8.exe --- This file will install the winUAE emulator on your PC. - Will update to the latest version at a later date.
ModPlugin.exe --- Use this program to allow you to play and lissen to all your old Amiga Mod audio files.
Wb13.zip --- This zip contains the Amiga Worbench 1.3 disk in adf format.
wb3.1.zip --- This zip contains the Amiga Workbench 3.1 disk in adf format.

WARNING: PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST OWN THE ORIGINAL DISKS OR COMPUTERS THE KICKSTART FILES CAME FROM TO LEGALLY DOWNLOAD AND KEEP THESE FILES. You will be breaking the law if you download these files and keep them without owning the originals. You have been warned and I take no responsibility for these files once they have left this site. All files have been created from my own original computers and disks and are here as a resource to help fellow Amiga enthusiasts who don't have the time to make these files themselves.

Please let me know if there are any othere files you would like me to post here. I cannot post games here but please ask for further information. Also please send me any files you think are useful for Amiga emulation that I haven't included here and you would like to post.

You can reach me at: dave@watts5.demon.co.uk (email address no longer exists)