Zool Cheats and FAQs


When the screen says push fire to start, type "GOLDFISH" and the screen will flash. Now use the following keys during play:

1 ---------- Invincibility
2 ---------- Go to next stage
3 ---------- Go to next level
4 ---------- Removes invincibility
F1-F6 ------ Go to the corresponding level
F7 --------- Extra life on bonus level
F8-F10 ----- Normal game without restart points

For a bonus zone on level 2-2, play these notes on the first piano; Brown, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green.


Try typing any of the following for various messages:

"ADE" | "TONY" | "GEORGE" | "SYD"- | "SHORTIE" | "BERNI"
"PAT" | "PAUL" | "CASSON" | "ASH"- | "RITCHIE" | "HILEY"
"SIZ" | "MARK" | "GREGGS" | "MICK"



1.1: Zool's flying sword attack can destroy some lollipops to gain extra bonuses. The first wall to the right of the 2nd restart point can be punched through to gain a super bonus. Just above the 2nd restart point there is also a vertically moving platform, jump on this to gain access to an extra life.

1.2: Try to complete this level as easily as possible, if you pick up a shield move as fast as you can towards the exit. Watch out for large drops as they normally have spiked bottoms.

1.3: You will encounter a series of boxes with "Hit" written on them. Hit the first and third boxes to gain bonuses. There are two possible ways to defeat this level, you may take on the end Boss, in which case the best tactic in dealing with him is to stand at the left of the screen, leaping up to avoid his bombs whilst shooting him as fast as you can. The second way to defeat the level is to let your timer run down to 50 at which point the first right hand wall at the start of the level can be punched through, this allows you into a secret room containing bonuses, extra time, 2 extra lives and an exit to complete the world.


2.1: Look out for the small remote controls as they are the restart points for the music world. Use Zool's flying sword attack to destroy the speakers and gain extra bonuses. Jump up into the bell and you can use it as a shield to get past a lot of baddies, just press fire whilst inside to break out.

Hidden Level: Directly above the first restart point (about a screen above) is an invisible entrance to the first shoot'em up bonus level.

Hidden Level: The first piano you encounter doesn't appear to do anything, however if you play the Close Encounters tune you will enter the 2nd shoot'em up level. (For those not too sure what the tune is, use the Gray, White, Black, Red and Green notes in that order).

2.2: It is very important on this level to be able to use the piano, so take your time getting used to hitting the right notes. If you make a mistake jump off the piano and move away a little then start again. On the first piano you come across use the Brown, Yellow, Red, Orange and Green notes to create a large note over the piano, jump onto this to enter a hidden room which contains bonuses and a new set of notes. Enter these notes on the same piano, Brown, Orange, Green + Dark Blue to gain an extra life. When you reach the next piano (which is located at the end of the level) enter these notes: Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue. Another large note will appear, jump on this to be carried to the exit.

2.3: Try to keep going as fast as possible on this level as you don't have much time. On long runs use Zool's sliding attack to kill the baddies. To kill the Boss monster you must shoot the guitar whilst its eye is open. You must stay near the left edge of the screen dodging the lightning bolts and destroying the fruit that is fired at you.


3.1: Watch out for bananas that act as restart points. You can gain extra bonuses by crouching down and pulling radishes from the ground and also by cutting the tops off some carrots. Stand still and keep destroying falling grapes to replenish health. Try and work your way along the top of the level as near the end you will find an extra life. If you find the exit but do not have enough bonuses to complete the level work your way back and look for a slightly different route.

3.2: Punch through the first right hand wall to gain lots of bonus points. Remember to bounce on the can lids to get to extra bonuses and gain an extra life. At some point you will come across a hole filled with bonuses in a V shape, punch through the left hand wall to gain even more extra bonuses.

3.3: Punch through the first low right hand wall to gain bonuses. At the next big left hand wall (by a tree) punch it for even more bonuses. Continue on until you find a series of fruit cans, bouncing on the lid will will propell you up to gain an extra life. The Boss, to kill him, first of all shoot the alarm clock (which is indestructable) to wake the banana up. When attacked try to stay to the left of the screen whilst shooting the banana. If you die while fighting the banana you can get back to him from the last restart point by just running right and shooting as fast as you can, this should take care of all the enemies in between and keep Zool safe. Remember even with the banana destroyed the alarm clock will remain so don't get caught out.


4.1: Watch out for the blocks of wood with nails in, these are the restart points for the tool world. The darker shades of wood invariably lead to lots of bonus points.

Hidden Level: Go right from the start of the level until you come to the first wooden platform, take Zool to the top and jump left from the far left hand edge of the wood to enter the 3rd shoot'em up level.

4.2: It can be very hard to gain enough bonuses on this level so try not to miss any you see, especially large groups.

4.3: Quite possibly one of the hardest levels in the game. Your best bet is to search the beginning part of the level for as many bonuses as posible as they get much more scarce the further you progress. When you finally meet the Boss monster go for his eyes as quickly as possible, speed is very important here as the drill takes out the ground beneath Zool. If you've got the energy it can be worthwhile to take a couple of hits in order to get several attacks in on the drill.


5.1: The restart points for this level are nice recognisable Hit signs. Watch out for low fast moving clouds and the tanks which fire at you. Remember also that you can only stand on the red and green blocks not the blue or orange.

Hidden Level: Travel right from the start of the level until you come to the giant bonus panda. Jump onto the left hand blue column and jump left, you should hit the hidden entrance to access the fourth and final shoot'em up level.

5.2: Very similiar to level 1. Basicly just be careful and remember to use the restart points and you should find this quite an easy level.

5.3: Be very careful about dropping down any gaps as they could well be spiked. At one point you will arrive at an area containing several very similiar looking holes, drop down the sixth hole to progress. To kill the Robot Boss shoot at his head but watch out for when he opens his chest as then the robot will shoot back.


6.1: Again the restart points are well marked and look similiar to those of level 1. Try to let the hammer monsters hit the base of the bell machine and if you've positioned Zool correctly he will be carried rapidly upwards.

6.2: If you come to a dead end on this level then hang around a while and you may well see a balloon come into sight after a few moments which will carry Zool onwards. Also if you can't see where to jump next take the biggest jump you can there may well be a platform some way away.

6.3: If you see bonuses you can't reach then see if a balloon is around to lift you up. To complete the Zool arcade machine. Start the machine and keep jumping on the red button, when an obstacle appears walk onto the white button to jump over it, then revert back to jumping on the red button. When you have completed the machine you will gain 3 extra lives. To destroy the final Boss, the evil clown, stand on the first platform duck down and shoot him in his large central eye.