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Games Shoot-em-up Wings of Fury

Wings of Fury Hot

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Wings of Fury


License:  Commercial
Year:  1990
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Brøderbund, Domark (UK)
Budget Publisher:  Respray (Domark)
Developer:  Unlimited (U.S.I.)
Coder:  Colin Fox
Graphics:  John Boechler
Musician:  Kris Hatlelid
Game Notes and Information

Screenshots, Artwork and Media

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Manuals and Downloads

Manuals and Support Material
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Cheats and Tips

Start the game and type "COLIN WAS HERE" (A message will scroll across the bottom of the screen if it worked), and use the following keys.

P ----- Add one life (Max 9)
C ----- Changes weapon
D ----- Immunity
F ----- Give you fuel
M ----- Gives 99 items of the weapon in use
R ----- Adjusts your weapons

This cheat doesn't work if you play on an Amiga equipped with KS2 or higher However, if you use a KS1.3 emulator it works fine.
No hints, tips or helpful information currently available - Please submit any you know.

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Wings Of Fury - World War II Flight Game

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Wings Of Fury is a World War II flight game where you control an F6F Hellcat aboard the heavily damaged aircraft carrier the USS Wasp. It's set in the Pacific theatre, and the missions involve bombing Japanese islands, shooting down enemy planes and torpedoing enemy ships. Your plane has 3 different weapons, bombs, rockets and torpedos, to change your weapon and repair your plane you have to land on the carrier. The plane also has a front machine gun which can be used to shoot down enemy planes or mow down fleeing enemies. The 3 weapons all have different uses, bombs are the best for destroying enemy buildings and killing fleeing troops, ships can only be destroyed with torpedos and rockets are the only way to destroy concrete pillboxes besides ramming them with the plane.

It's always fun to play Wings Of Fury if you're bored and it never really gets old, despite the repetitive gameplay. The hardest thing to do is shooting down enemy planes, as soon as you turn, they turn which makes it difficult to get behind them, and if you start shooting at them they'll turn and get behind you but it's fun when you actually do manage to shoot one down, and if you can't you can just begin to turn and then don't and the enemy plane turns anyway which can be a useful thing to remember when being attacked. One of my favourite things about the game is its sound, especially the funny screams from the enemy when you're mowing them all down with the plane's gun and the music at the title screen is cool.

Review by SeanIRL
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27 October, 2006

Good old days
Wings of Fury is one of the games I remember with fondness from the start of the 1990's. The game had awesome playability, which were enhanced by neat sound effects. Without the cheat it was a hard game to play through, but one still kept trying.

I must also say I agree totally with the reviewer, SeanIRL, about the sounds effects smilies/cheesy.gif It rocked!

Btw.. anyone know if there has been a re-make of Wings of Fury?

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17 May, 2009

Comment by Cohort
Yes, it was a good game

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