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Written by Demon Cleaner   
Tuesday, 23 February 2010
Preview of the upcoming WinUAE release.

Major 2.0.1 bugs fixed

- Sprite bug fixed. (Super Stardust level selector)
- Directory filesystem mount errors if ISO-8859-15 character set was not installed in Windows

Other changes

- Random Direct3D filter graphics crap fixed
- Direct3D fullscreen ALT-TAB fixes
- More than 8 virtual or real CD drives crash fix
- Rare dualplayfield buffer corruption. (Shadow Fighter AGA)
- CD32 pad emulation compatibility update. (Roadkill CD32)
- Some game controller device types were ignored

New features

- CDTV/CD32 CD image support, including audio tracks, plain iso
- cue + bin, cue + bin + wav and cue + bin + mp3 supported
- Direct 3D rewrite, shader based, overlays and RTG supported
- DF3: on screen led shows internal (NV)RAM accesses (CDTV and CD32)
- Input panel Caps and Scroll Lock full remapping support
- A1000 Agnus vblank bug emulated
- Fullscreen dialogs have separate size and position settings (Vista/7), center dialogs in fullscreen (XP)


- More compatible CDTV/CD32 CD audio support using direct digital audio extraction. Sound panel volume adjusts also CD audio volume
- 68000 cycle-exact mode cycle counting updates
- OCS Denise "bug" emulation fully implemented
- Autoscale display size detection improvements
- Support DMS files that have fake complete track zero. (BBS ads)
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