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Demo Scene Slideshows Stag 7 - Stag EXTRA

Stag 7 - Stag EXTRA Hot

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Stag 7 - Stag EXTRA


Name:  Stag 7 - Stag EXTRA
Group:  BNK Team
Year:  1990
System Requirements
Harddrive Installable
Production Notes and Information

Warning: This production may contain material of an adult nature. Please take this into account before you download and watch this production. Remember that classicamiga did not have any involvement with its creation and its information is included in our directory as it is a part of the Amiga demo scene.

Stag Series

This disk is the seventh disk in a series of 7 official Stag disks. Each disk follows a named theme:

  1. Stag
  2. Son of Stag Strikes Back!
  3. The Bride of Son of Stag Strikes Back!
  4. The Bride of Son of Stag Strikes Back Again!
  5. The Bride of Son of Stag Strikes Back Again! Part II
  6. The Bride of Son of Stag Strikes Back Again! Part II +
  7. Stag EXTRA (disk of sequences that were made but never used)

Trivia: The engine (disk 3 onwards) was designed by Vincent of Black Sunday - "178 digitized images on one disk!".

This disk contents sequences of video that were captured during the making of the previous disks, but was never used.

Hidden content: One of the creators (Morelove) hid an IFF of himself on the Stag EXTRA disk on tracks $68F - $6DF (you can see the image below).

Screenshots and Media



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