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Spectrapaint 3.0 Hot

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Spectrapaint 3.0


License:  Freeware
Year:  1991
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
A500 (OCS) A600 (ECS)
Additional Hardware Requirements
Chip Ram:  512KB
Fast Ram:  512KB
Minimum CPU:  68000
Compatible Kickstart:  1.2 1.3 2
Minimum Operating System:  Workbench 1.2
Software Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Twilight Software
Coder:  Kris K. Hudson
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19 April, 2009

I wrote this!
I wrote this piece of software many years ago. It brings back memories to find it now.

You can see my blog at

I'm not programming anymore though so don't expect to find my latest work of art on there!

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21 April, 2009

Hi Kris,

It's great to see you on here. And also nice to see your software entry making you happy that your work is still available and remembered.

So how come you are not programming any longer? Spectrapaint was a great Amiga program at the time, and being free was even better for those of us on limited budgets at the time trying to learn and use computers for art.

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21 April, 2009

More Info:
As requested - here is the info you needed:

What versions of Kickstart and Workbench were compatible?
1.3 and 2.0 were tested. I never tried it under 3.0 but I do have it on good authority that it ran under KS1.2 also.

Could it run from HDD?
Yes. It was written in AMOS and did work fine with HD.

Were there other language versions available?
No - just English

How much ram did the software require?
1MB (512K Chip, 512K Fast)

Were you the sole developer of the software?

Do you have any support files for the software which we could include on the site?
I have the source code disks which I will attempt to recover - if I can recover it, I will let you have the source code.

For your information - Spectrapaint 4.0 was also developed and was a full HAM version but I abandoned the project as the HAM calculations in AMOS were much too slow.

After Spectrapaint I developed ABase (a database system with semi-relational properties), and then moved into BBS development programming a full BBS system (Stormforce BBS System) using Blitz Basic - it had a small following and about 8 or so BBS systems switched over to it. It's main features were it's scripting languages which meant you could do essentially HTML stuff years before HTML was even popular!. I ran a Stormforce powered BBS for a few years (called Rock Lobster) until the scene started dying a bit.

I never bothered on PC because there's too many people out there releasing really rubbish software these days, and I also these days have a band and a wife!

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