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Written by Harrison   
Thursday, 10 January 2008
We have launched a new project to create the classicamiga Top 100 Amiga games of all time.

This is a classicamiga community project, so we would like to get as many members involved as we can. If you are visiting classicamiga for the first time and have some favourite Amiga games then please come in and join us so you can take part and nominate your favourite games for our Top 100. The more members we get to nominate games for inclusion, the better our final top 100 will be.

This project is being run over a number of stages. The initial stage is for everyone to post a list of up to 100 of their personal favourite Amiga games that they think should be included in the Top 100. Once we have enough games nominated we will move on to the next stage where we will merge all of the nominated games into a single big list and start to reduce it down through voting, to eventually reach our final Top 100 games list.

You can read all about the project on the classicamiga forum here. This explains the stages we will be running as the project progresses and the rules for nominating your list of games.

To nominate your list of games visit the classicamiga forum thread Stage One: Member Nominations

We hope you all take part in helping us create this Top 100 Amiga games of all time list. Once we have the final list we will then create a detailed article on classicamiga exploring the final top 100, running down from 100 to 1, and adding as much information and detail about each game as we go. We hope you all enjoy taking part in creating this Top 100, and in exploring it once it is complete.

And don't forget. If you are not yet a member of classicamiga you are still very welcome to register and take part in this project. Everyone is welcome. And it doesn't matter if you have a list of just a few games you would like to nominate, or a total of 100. All games nominated by all members will be included in the initial list before we then begin the voting to reduce it down to the final 100 games.

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