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License:  Commercial
Year:  1990
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Yes WHD Install available
Number of Players
1 only
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Cheats and Tips

Each letter of the word wings on the main menu does something. To access them hold down 'CTRL', 'L SHIFT', and 'L ALT' while holding down the right mouse button. Keep holding the keys and the right mouse button and click on the letters with the left mouse button.

"W"__________________________________Music on/off
"I"_______Turns caps lock into an autofire button
"N"____________________________Skip flight school
"S"______________Save game without having to exit

To access the cheat mode you have to go to flight school. To get an awesome pilot click on the bullseye on the airplane at the top of the flight school menu. The screen will either flash or you will get a requester asking if you want to quit (say no). Then create a new pilot with the name "Orca The Killer Tomato" type as it's printed. Orca doesn't need school. To access a menu option (much of which is no longer useful or active) create a new pilot and name him " Who is The Riddler". Make sure to put the two spaces before the name. Don't use the 'RETURN' key to enter it, hit the 'ESC' key instead. Now follow the prompts.
BALLOON BUSTING: The first thing to do in Balloon Busting missions is to take out the AA gun. It isn't too hard so give it a try.

DOG FIGHTS: When involved in a dog fight with other planes always attack from above. This is because if you attack from below the other plane will climb which is very annoying. By attacking from above you drive the other plane down rather than up.

BEING TAILED: When you are being tailed hold the joystick to the bottom-right. You should turn off to the right and out of the other planes line of fire.

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Ever wonder what being an WW1 pilot was like?

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Ever wonder what it would be like to be a World War I pilot? Ever wonder how they felt when they strapped themselves into those coffins with wings and challenged fate day after day? Cinemaware's WWI flight sim Wings lets you really find out what it was like, not only due to great gameplay mechanics but also due to an intuitive method of telling a story and creating an atmosphere that really makes you feel like you're there at times. A typical Cinemaware trademark in their games; it's like reading a book, watching a movie, and playing a game all at the same time. And it works.

You take on a role as a pilot wannabe in a flight school sometime after the war begun. First off, you must create your pilot by giving him a name and adjust some of his stats. This is the only time you can adjust them, after that they will rise and fall depending on your performance in the game. F. ex."Flying" will determine just how good you fly, how fast you can turn, how far you push the engine before it stalls and how much control you still have when your plane's been shot up so much it looks more like a certain kitchen utensil than a weapon of war, to name a few. After you've done that, you must fly one of three different test-flights in order to earn your wings and be sent to the 56th Airborne squadron, located in France, in the heart of the war.

Once there, you'll be flying mainly three different missions; bombing, strafing and patrol. Bombing and strafing are 2D scrolling games, while on a patrol you fly in full 3D. However, there is a lot more to the missions than that. To name a few: you'll be bombing trains, aerodromes, buildings, planes, trucks, train stations, bridges, even submarines and destroyers, and you'll be strafing infantry, supply convoys, entrenchments, gun emplacings and more. Just when you think you've played so many bombing missions you feel you know all about them, the game throws another element in that catches you off guard, keeping you on your toes at all times. The 3D flying sections has you flying normal patrol, escort, defensive and offensive flights. So though there are only three basic mission structures, each mission you fly will have something that makes it differ from the others, so you never actually feel like you're flying the same mission twice.

The controls are easy to master. You control the plane with the joystick, you fire the guns with the button, you drop bombs by pushing down on the stick while holding the fire button. That's it. It's a flight sim, but there's no advanced controls here. This is a WWI plane after all, so there's no fancy targeting, radar, missiles and whatnot. Just you in your machine gun-equipped bucket of bolts, in the open sky. Then again, there's no ejector seat or parachutes either, so good luck!

The difficulty is well balanced though. Missions are fairly easy to begin with, and grow progressively harder as the war advances. There is no Game Over in this game. If your pilot should die, you create a new one and he continues the war where the other left off. You shouldn't get careless though, it sucks losing a pilot with great stats and having to go back to a low-stat one. This shouldn't happen a lot, since the only mission that can kill your pilot are the 3D ones. Sure, you can get shot down while strafing and bombing, but your pilot will always survive that. And if you get shot down in a 3D mission, you still have some control of the plummeting plane and may be able to land it. Crash land though, and he bites the dust. Also, while going down, there is a chance that the enemy continues shooting at you. They may hit the pilot, killing him. Which will of course make you lose all control of the plane and crash, but that's not important as he was dead before you hit the ground anyway. So be careful. Also, if you fail five missions in a row, your pilot will get kicked out of the squadron and you'll have to create a new one.

What really impresses me in this game is it's great atmosphere and storytelling. Before each mission, you'll get to read the company journal. Reading about the joys and sorrows of the squadron, about everyday life on the base, and it is VERY well written. Sometimes you just want to continue the game only find out how the story of the 56th Airborne continues. When loading the missions, and sometimes in the middle of a mission, the game presents you with a 'cue card' of sorts, I forget the name, the ones you see in silent movies. These are the 'thoughts' of the pilot so to speak, it tells you what he sees, what he's up against, whether he feels like you're about to get ambushed and so on. The missions will also always end with one of these, either in high spirit or in embarrassment depending on how you did. I said these may pop up in mid-mission, but this is rare and doesn't disturb the flow of the game at all.

Graphics: For an ECS title, this game's graphics are very good. Even the 3D flying sections had amazing detail for it's time. If you are familiar with other Cinemaware titles such as It Came From The Desert, you'll immediately recognize the graphics quality and style they used in their games.

Sound: Top notch. Everything from the roar of WWI plane engines to explosions and machine gunfire sounds very good. The various music pieces are all made to sound as if from the WWI era, and helps create the excellent atmosphere in the game.

Gameplay: Gameplay-wise I never got bored when playing this game. However, if you are one of those that doesn't care for story, and the atmosphere of the game fails to suck you in, then there is a chance that missions will become a tad repetitive in a while. The three basic mission structures has enough variation in them that that is not likely to happen though.

Lifespan: The game is very long, and you will sit many a evening if you want to see the end of the war. Since there is no Game Over in this title, you will get there eventually no matter how bad you perform. And the game's linearity may discourage you from replaying it once the end has been reached.

Overall, this is a well accomplished WWI flight sim, with one heckuva atmosphere that truly grabs you and won't let go.
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February 01, 2007
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Last updated: February 01, 2007

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Wings - The only WWI flight simulator

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Wings is a World War I flight simulator, where you control a S.E. 5 flying in the 56th squadron. Your objective, survival.

You begin in flight school, where you must earn your wings to fly. This requires you to pass one of three tests: Strafing, bombing or a simulated dogfight. Once you pass one of these tests, you are able to join the 56th squadron and are given the task of filling in the squadron journal. This journal is your link to the occurences of the war. It supplies the player with factual information and humourous ancedotes of the war.

The main intermission screen is the squadron roster, which lists the rank, name, number of missions and kills of each pilot in the squadron. From here you can either start a new game, return to flight school or review the current and past pilots. When you choose to begin a mission, you are taken to a loading screen which gives you a basic run down of what to expect in the following mision.

When a mission is completed, successfully or not, you are sent to a summary screen, which details the outcome of the preceeding mission. Information such as the number of planes shot down, your status and a review of the objectives are displayed.

There are three basic mission types. Dogfights, strafing and bombing. Dogfights are the most enthralling, as you take the controls of the plane and fly to survive and suppress the enemy. In bombing runs, your objective is to destroy specific targets to destroy the support systems of the war machine. The strafing missions are similar, but your proximity to ground level is increased significantly, allowing you to be shot down by ground soldiers.

During the game, your skills are increased with each successful mission. These skills being flying ability, shooting ability, mechanical aptitude and stamina. You are also able to win medals such as the victoria cross and Blue Max.

Sound: The sounds are realistic, the rip of gunfire and rumbling of the engine fill the ears of the pilot.

Graphics: Set in a "3D" environment, the planes are constructed of basic polygons. Although the pilot looks more like a hand drawn figure, which gives the graphics some dignity. Although when attempting a strafing or bombing mission, all of the surroundings are drawn in this manner. These grahpics are on par with games seen on the Gameboy Advance. (See the GBA release of Wings:

Gameplay: Addictive. You begin with an easy dogfight accompanied by your wingman, and progress through to harder missions against numerous opponents. New challenges are thrown in during the game, making it increasingly difficult.

Lifespan: A keeper. This game has new elements introduced throughout the game. Although the missions are simliar, their difficulty will keep you hooked as you try to complete the game fully.

Overall: As this is one of my favourite Amiga games, I feel that this was, and still is the best WWI flight simulations available. There was a remake released on the Gameboy Advance, and there is talk of a Cinemaware Classics range ( to be released. This hopefully will be a completely revamped edition,

"Cinemaware is preparing completely new games based on its stable of amazing properties employing the `Cinemaware experience´ of melding a captivating storyline with the grand cinematic experience that differentiated the original Cinemaware game properties. Cinemaware Classics will be revamped for the enjoyment of long-time fans and today´s large and growing audience of new casual game players.....Cinemaware Classics will be based on Cinemaware´s award-winning catalogue like...WingsTM".

So enjoy the magic of this game and take on the Fokker Scourge first hand!

(additional information sourced from

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02 February, 2007

I've tried quite a few flight simulation games throughout the years. I've found most of them a tad boring, but Wings is an exception. From the moment you enter the cockpit of a Sopwith Camel to engage the enemy, you are hooked. Nasty dogfights, strafing runs over the trenches in France, and bombing runs, these are three ways you have to your utmost to defeat the Hun.

As for the graphics, they are truly great. Nice pixel-art for sure. The music and sound effects are also good, which helps creating the perfect atmosphere for this kind of game.

Another thing I enjoyed about Wings was the storyline. You play the role of a character in the Great War, and there is a diary of your life at the base and the events you are a part of. Excellent stuff.

All in all, Wings is a great game. I would recommend it to anyone, also those who are not generally interested in flight simulators.

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29 August, 2007

you are right its one of those games that you can play over and over again.

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