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Demo Scene Demos Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive Hot

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Maximum Overdrive


Name:  Maximum Overdrive
Group:  The Special Brothers
Year:  1990
Production's Credits
Coder:  Alloc
Graphics:  Ivan
Music:  MLP Artworx Inc4-Mat
Others(Misc):  Loader by Flake
System Requirements
Harddrive Installable
Production Notes and Information

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Editor review

Eclectic mix

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
This demo doesn't really contain anything we haven't seen before by many other groups releasing productions at the time. It mainly centres around real-time generated filled 3D objects, and while these are well executed, the production doesn't contain much to excite or enjoy. It could be worth watching if you are interesting in seeing the 3D routines though.

The introduction part might be of passing interest to Star Wars fans, featuring a few space craft that have a passing resemblance to tie fighters and X-Wings, but this sequence is a disappointment as it never does much. A few short shots giving very fast glimpses of ships and then an x-wing flying in quite static formation behind a tie-fighter shooting at it until it eventually blows up. Quite boring.

Most of the rest of the demo is taken up with 3D object rotations, which while well executed never really generate much interest. They are a good demonstration of coding ability but that is about all.

And finally the end sequence, which features a camera fly through of a small 3D village. A similar scene has been seen again in another of the tsb demos so it could be looked at as their trademark, but it doesn't fit in with the rest of the demo and has completely different music to the rest of the production which doesn't fit at all.

And finally talking some more about the music. Within the 3D routines the music is quite nice and fits the style quite well, but the demo switches to a decrunching screen between sections and these screens suddenly play a completely different unrelated piece of music which really jars on your ears.

For these reasons this production actually feels like the different sections (The 3D Star Wars style sequence, the 3D rotating objects, the decrunching screen, and the end village fly-through) were originally coding separately as their own projects and then have just been joined together to create this production, as none of the sections have any relation (graphically or musically) and don't fit together.
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