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Demo Scene Demos Strange Days

Strange Days Hot

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Strange Days


Name:  Strange Days
Group:  Venture
Release Party:  Intel Outside 1996
Party Position:  3
Production's Credits
Coder:  NosterPippen
Graphics:  KorbatzMajkel
Music:  Wierza
System Requirements
Harddrive Installable
Special Requirements
An AGA powered Amiga with at least 4MB of extra memory.
Production Notes and Information

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Editor review

Strange Days by Venture

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At the Intel Outside 1996 party in Poland, Venture participated in the demo competition with the production called Strange Days. The competition was tight at this party, as it was here that Impulse released their famous piece called Muscles. Another demo came from Floppy, which was called Embraced. After the votes had been cast, Venture managed to get the third place, right after Floppy.

Before we take a look at this demo, we should keep in mind that Venture wasn't a group that mostly released common demos. No, Venture had a special style and a way to design their productions that made them stand out from the rest. In terms of design, style, and the message to the viewer, Strange Days is an example of this. Another example of this is Fallen Angels, which is available for download here at

Needless to say, Strange Days is not the average demo you will download, as it is a bit more than that. In this production, Venture sheds light on the cruelty in the world and on all the raging conflicts that are taking place.

The whole demo opens with a video footage, which contents I will not reveal in this review. You can download it and check for yourself. After the intro, we enter the main part. The music playing in the background is hard and powerful and fits the overall design and atmosphere very well. You'll see a lot of different effects in textured mapped 3D with various shadings applied. These effects runs fine on a 68030 CPU, but to get them to run smooth, I guess a 68060 should be in order. As we move along,

there are different kinds of pictures appearing from time to time. These images does portrays the evil in the world. All of this, the effects and general graphics, is nicely timed to the music, which makes the demo progress smoothly.

Strange Days is an interesting demo, no doubt about that. It was nice to see a demo with a meaning that doesn't lack anything in the effects department. A good job from Venture and a demo I recommend you to watch.
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