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Games Racing / Driving Super Hang-On

Super Hang-On Hot

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Super Hang-On


License:  Commercial
Year:  1988
A500 (OCS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Electric Dreams
Developer:  Software Studios
Coder:  Zareh Z. K. Johannes
Graphics:  Saul Marchese
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Editor review

The only bike racing game worth playing

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Most people remember the great Super Hang-On arcade machine, with the full sized bike you sat on, which you had to lean over into the corners to steer. This was a great arcade game with some amazing graphics and racing gameplay.

The Amiga conversion was definitely one of the best home versions, and recreated the feel and excitement of the arcade original; the only thing missing from the full experience was the bike!

The graphics were very well ported and recreated, managing to retain the look of the arcade original and the feeling of speed. This was something many games found hard to replicate at the time, with some feeling like the road was moving at a different speed to the vehicle, or the vehicle floating. But here the bike feels like it is on the road, taking the bends and moving with the undulating road.

The in-game sound is unsurprising with some basic bike sounds as you accelerate and pass other bikes. What makes the sound is the soundtracks, which are each selectable just before a race begins. This idea originated with games such as Sega's Outrun and has been copied by many racing games of the time, including many of the other great Amiga racers such as Lotus and Jaguar XJ220. The in game music definitely increases the games enjoyment with the tunes generating a much greater enjoyment and sense of speed in the game.

The gameplay is similar to most arcade racing games of the time, with you racing against the clock, instead of directly against the opponents, to reach the next checkpoint before your time runs out. There is definitely more skill needed on the bike when you enter a bend than you would need with similar car based racers. If you don't lift off or break at the right moments you will definitely crash and lose valuable time.

The Amiga version had three control systems, Keyboard, Joystick and Mouse. Keyboard, as with most games, was just included for those who didn't have a joystick. Whereas the mouse control was included to try and replicate the feel of the arcade machine's leaning feature more than a digital joystick could manage. With the joysticks of the time you could either select left, right or centre, nothing else, so adjusting your degree of lean as you went through a bend was sometimes hard to master with a digital joystick. In contrast, the mouse control allowed you to exactly angle the position of the bike as it moved through a bend. This took some practice to master and to begin with it was a very hard system to grasp, with many instead reverting to the joystick control, but mastering the mouse control definitely gave the game move enjoyment once you got the "hang" of it.

If you like arcade racing games then you can't miss playing this classic bike racing game. It was one of the best racer of the time, and is still just as enjoyable and playable today.
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